"I'm Not There"(She's Not There)

She's Not There

After seeing "I'm Not There" yesterday, my reaction to the film as a whole was a mixture of "huh?" and "eh" plus "good music". I cannot, however, say enough about the frighteningly realistic portrayal of the "troubadour of conscience" by Ms. Blanchett. Her depiction of him at his most ornery was so seamless that it inspired the title of this little PSA. Is it possible to be more Dylan-like than the man himself?

Now for the PSA part:Go see this film before she wins the Oscar and you wonder what all the hoopla is about. Also because it is some of the best acting you will likely ever see.
Words by: Miss Ash

While trading music with my boy Joseph he blessed me with the Soundtrack to
I'm Not There.
It's two discs worth of music in tribute to Dylan. Happy Holidays to you all of you, enjoy.
Blac Ren
Download the full soundtrack here.


RANDOM: The Sculptures of Ron Mueck

Check out the Amazing Scupltures of Ron Mueck


Rontronik's Holiday Collection

Rontronik: Smartbomb Your Holiday is a compilation created by me for Smartbomb Creative Studio as an expression of gratitude to all of our clients, collaborators and cohorts... Thank you!

Here's the tracklisting with a few comments on each.

1. "Laugh Track" by Gosub
--- I first heard this track on a random music blog... liked it so much i bought the album... It represents all the positive happenings of the whole year for me.

2. "Last Chance On The Stairway" by Duran Duran
--- Duran Duran played this obscure song from the "Rio" album live as part of their latest tour, The Red Carpet Massacre. It was a part of the "Electro" Set - amazing!

3. "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West (featuring Dwele)
--- My favorite track from one of my favorite albums of the year.

4. "I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun" by Minnie Riperton
--- One of the "throw-back" songs on the compilation and one of my favorite songs of all time...

5. "She's Magma" by Rontronik
--- Taken from my first ever solo release...

6. "Earth Orbit One: Little Fluffy Clouds" by The Orb
--- Another of the "oldie-but-goodies" chosen for this compilation.

7. "15 Step" by Radiohead
--- A song that comes from an album represents the changing times in the music industry and stands as a flag-ship of sorts, of what is to come.

8. "Enrico" by Isolee
--- Dance...

9. "Banstyle/Sappys Curry" by Underworld
--- This is music for creative-types, especially since the group was a spin-off of the design team, Tomato.

10. "Scratch Your Name" by The Noisettes
--- The chorus goes "Scratch your name into the fabric of this world before you go.." 'Nuff said.

11. "Gatekeeper" by Feist
--- This blending of genres is out of sight, here...

12. "It's Your Touch (Ashley Beadle's Heavy Disco Edit)" by Black Ghosts
--- Probably one of the best dance tracks out right now... Love-filled, fun , yet, NOT cheese-ball.

13. "Stop Me" by Mark Ronson (featuring Daniel Merriweather)
--- One of my favorite Smiths songs covered fantastically...

14. "Rolling Down The Hills" by Glass Candy
--- Lay back. Chill...

15. "The Answer Is Yes (12 inch Version)" by Justus Kohncke
--- The title of the song says it all...

Download Here
NOTE: the download is a .zip file containing the tracks which are .m4a (aac) format music files - compatible with itunes.


The Dewar's Party

So I get this text message from Skim asking me if I want to go to a party.
In typical Skim fashion she says"answer yes or no?"
Of course out of curiosity I text back yes, she tells me to stay by the phone and await another text for a secret location. Well this is what went down at that very secret location.

Download hi-res or Hi res Slideshow here.


Snoop Dogg for L'uomo Vogue

Is The world is ready for a Sensual Eruption?
Big-Up's to Gary ST. Clare


Ike Turner R.I.P

Ike Turner: reviled and revered

The singer-bandleader's life could almost be defined as 'Rivers Deep and Mountains High.'
By Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
December 14, 2007
CULTURAL icons can't choose what they come to represent. Ike Turner was an icon; that was his burden and his punishment. Loving him was not a possibility for many who discovered his genius after his repellent secrets had been revealed. Appreciating him requires coming to terms with the double bind of rock and soul-era sexuality, a liberating force underpinned by racism, female objectification and machismo.
Click Here for the rest of this article

Love him or hate him Ike's contribution to music will not be forgotten.
As for Tina we all know how she "ROLLS"

Big-ups to Jamal for the Pic


Afrika Bambaataa@APT

It's been awhile since I've posted any photosets(my point and shoot broke).
I got a new one and decided to start with the King of the Zulu Nation and Duane from Negroclash who hosts a monthly at Apt. Download High Quality Here.
Yo Ibeat we missed you that night but with good reason, congrats
on the birth of Sequoia



Here's to the "pillowcase destroyin' muthafukka's"
This is what it's all about, givin em sensual eruptions...
Check these!
Honorable Mention to my Boy Duane



Ibeat's Podcast

Ibeat title
Ibeat's first DIRTY RAT PACK podcast click here:
A little quick blurb about my musical taste: Im that dude who likes to expand my crew's knowledge of all things pop culture and knowledge I find interesting. My peers and I grew up on several styles of music -hiphop/house/reggae/rock/metal/pop/salsa/meregenue. It was the sound of the streets. It was when I went to college that I started to appreciate music as a passion and not trend. I started to seek new sounds with a insatiable appetite, becoming an eclectic sound monster. Let my music selection be a testament.
Download Ibeat's Track description here.


No Country For Old Men


Under the shadow of cowboys lurks the hand of God.

So just what exactly is going on under the hood of the new Coen brothers film "No Country for Old Men"? Many people are walking out of the theater just as lost and confused as Tommy Lee Jones character is in the film. That's not too surprising really as he is the character set up for all of us to identify with anyway... the hero. Is he a hero though? Does he actually do anything? Just an observer? Who is Anton Chigurh (played by Javier Badem) and what is his relationship with Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (played by Jones)? In the film, Jones character says, "You'd think a man that had waited eighty some odd years on God to come into his life, well, you'd think he'd come" (quoted from the book, not the film so there may be a slight difference in text). The irony is, that in "No Country for Old Men", God does in fact come... only Jones' character is a bit too daft to see it that way.

In the film, Anton Chigurh is the only non-human element in the film. He's more or less a killing machine that has two purposes: kill anyone who crosses him and let chance decide the fate of everyone else around him. What is directly revealed though is that Anton IS fate. Despite some casual damage throughout the film his character does not, and most likely will not ever, die. There is only one moment in the film whereupon the "hero" Ed Tom crosses Anton. For reasons left unexplained Anton leaves and doesn't kill Ed Tom. The two don't even engage. Fate is cast aside. Why? God.

-Chvad SB
Chvad performs with the band "THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN" (www.outside-the-skin.com) and runs the online music community


Snoop Dogg's Sensual Seduction

Two days ago I get this link from my girl Katey, you know Rontronik and Miss. Ash weren't far behind with the same info.
The net is teeming with reaction to the D O Double G takin it back to the funk era. Well known NYC DJs who shall remain nameless are hatin on it saying Snoop sold out and Sensual Seduction is garbage. This doesn't surprise me, a number of these DJs who adopt the music but give no respect to the culture from which it came from . The funk era has inspired the movement and the very fabric of what BLACk RENaissance is all about....
Ok enough rambling enjoy the Mothafuckin video.

Blac Ren

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.


A Blac Christmas

Here are some Gift Ideas Courtesy of Blac Ren.

The Japanese brand FAT has is now offering their version of the Classic Daytona Rolex called the Faytona

The GR Digital II features a 10.3 MP imaging sensor coupled with 5.9 mm focal length and a 4.0X digital zoom. Further specifications can be seen here. Available now at select electronic dealers.

The Loader is a messenger-styled take on a draw-string duffle bag. It will arrive shortly at Dedue.

If you've seen A Christmas Story (who hasn't?) then you'll remember Lil Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB Gun.
Now you can have your very own Commemorative Red Ryder BB Gun complete with BBs and Targets, this time it also comes with it's own protective goggles.
You don't want to shoot yer eye out kid!


Miss. Ash's Zodiac Podcast: Sagittarius

I’ve been in love with creating mix tapes since I was in the 5th grade (1987- whoah). I’d just throw on whatever caught my fancy at the time (The Replacements anyone?) and shove the cassettes into my friends’ hands, confident that they’d enjoy them as much as I did.
I was thinking about my birthday this year with the podcast idea swirling around in the background. And then in a POOF (as most good ideas tend to manifest), the idea of a ZODIAC PODCAST popped into my mind. I asked myself, “What if I would create a podcast dedicated to each month’s zodiac sign?” I decided I would try my hand at compiling a group of songs that were a. cool and b. reflected the complex inner makeup of people born under that particular sign. This first installment, released in my birthday month (fellow Sagittarians Holla), is the answer to that question:


1. Truth is (Clean Version) – Brother Ali
2. As Above, So Below (Justice Remix) – Klaxons
3. Would I Lie to You (Bassilleuro Remix) – Charles & Eddie
4. True – Darondo
5. Straight No Chaser – Thelonius Monk
6. Stop Me (feat. Daniel Merriweather)– Mark Ronson
7. I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes – Tom Vek
8. The Overly Dramatic Truth – El-P
9. Mo’ Fire – Lil’ Wayne
10.Night on Fire- Vhs or Beta
11.Reckoner – Radiohead
12.Someone Great – LCD Soundsystem



The Artwork of Pascal Mohlmann & 2 needles

It's been awhile since I've had and an Erotic Art Post.
So I had to give you a double feature of these two amazing artists.
Pascal Mohlmann is classic oil painter while 2 needles uses a blending of illustration and software. He brings a new element to the Art of Manga, his use of colors and the blank stares of his subjects can be a bit disturbing. Check it.


Blacrenderings Podcast: DJ Rontronik

The Third Interactive Podcast from DJ Rontronik.
A blending of the boogie down and electro sounds.
Click Pic for interactive podcast to download and play iTunes or Ipod

1. Sparks of Ice by Rontronik-->Rontronik FAVORITE
2. Cosmic Cars by Model 500
3. Street Justice by MSTRKRFT
4. Tenderoni by Chromeo
5. Intergalactic Bubblegum by In Flagranti
6. Body Mechanic by Quadrant Six
7. When I Hear Music by Debbie Deb
8. African People (Jokke Iisoe Remix) by Trentmoller-->Blac Ren FAVORITE
9. D.A.N.C.E. (Blaze's Nightmarish Remix) by Justice
10. All Through The Night (The Rapture Hush Hush Remix) by Escort
11. Like A Pen (Heartthrob Remix) by The Knife
12. Hustler by Simian Mobile Disco
13. Wave Jumper by Drexciya-->Blac Ren FAVORITE
14. Beau Mot Plage by Isolee
15. Down by Ellen Allien
16. In The Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version) by The Gossip
17. Temptation by New Order-->Rontronik FAVORITE
18. Dirty Mutha (Crookers RMX) by Steed Lord
19. Chromed Out by Ectomorph
20. Zdarlight by Digitalism
21. Electric Kingdom by Twilight 22 -->Rontronik FAVORITE
photo by G. Giraldo


Tell Me You Love Me (Chicks of the Week)

I don't know if you Guys have been watching Tell Me You Love Me, the HBO Drama that's set around three couples and their relationships. Not only is it realistic in its depiction of the trial and tribulations of male female relations but the women are hizzot. (click pic to check em out)

Katie, 40's, works part time from home as a graphic designer. She's put her children and her marriage before her own needs, but after a year of not being close, not having sex, she goes to therapy to try and find a way back to herself and Dave, her husband.
Quite the Cougar/MILF, why the fuck is her hubby not breakin her off some?

Carolyn, 30's, a lawyer, successful, loves the man she's married to but has become consumed with getting pregnant. With each failed attempt, she becomes more obsessed, more vulnerable and more emotionally separated from her husband, Palek.
This Chick is hell Bent on getting "Knocked Up" to the point the her significant other Palek is having panic attacks day in and day out.

Jamie, 20's, a line cook, breaks off her engagement with Hugo, the man she loves, because of her jealousy and her emotional ups and downs. Dealing with that loss, she tries to heal herself and not act out like she used to in the past. It's a fight she sometimes wins and sometimes loses, but through it all she never loses sight of who she truly wants.
Often manipulative insecure and deceitful combined with a high sex drive rivaling another HBO fan fave, Samantha from Sex In the City.

Honorable Mention
May, 60's, a couples therapist, is a complicated, intense woman, who has been married 43 years to a man she loves, yet, as in all relationships, she continues to navigate the emotional ups and downs of intimacy.
This Golden Girl gets dowwnnnnnn!

Words: HBO Television and Blac Ren
Photos: HBO Television




The Superstar Force

The Consortium line by adidas is a grouping of top-tier sneakers available at specialty stores.
Now you know the power of the Darkside.


I am Legend: Awakening

In anticipation of I am Legend, the Will Smith film based on the Vertigo books.
Warner Bros has released a multimedia graphic novel to whet our appetites before the the December 14th opening.



FALL STEEZE New Balance Thundergod

80 degree temperatures in Autumn is making it hard for you to get your Fall Steeze on in NYC.
In the meantime stockpile your flavas for when cooler temps arrive.
Fall Steeze
New Balance's"Thunder God" inspired sneaker includes some interesting characteristics such as Velcro fastening, patent leather highlights and a glow in the dark toebox (Ya Hear Me?, these Shits glow in the dark. The sneakers will go on sale Saturday, November 3rd at Mita. Price is set at ¥17,640 (approximately $155 USD).

J. Crew's Soho Patchwork traveler's duffel is not only a great looking overnight bag, each and every bag is a one of a kind piece with each patch being hand cut and hand placed. All of the patches are made from English wool and the interior of the bag features a cotton chino lining. [$395]

Adidas dressed up their popular track jacket with inspiration taken from classic patterns worn exclusively by the upper crust of the British gentleman of old. The England jacket is covered in a houndstooth pattern complete with the subtle detail of Adidas' signature striping down the sleeves. [$180]




DJ Empress's Drum and Bass Mix

It's been a while since I've heard a solid Drum and Bass mix.
So when I listened to DJ Empress's mix for dogsonacid.com I was impressed.
Starting off with a chilled out tempo that builds into hard bass grooves it left me feeling nostalgic for the old Direct Drive nights at Baktun


Get your Grown Man on!

The new Clarks Desert Boots:Perfect for the Euro Hippie Steeze.
The Alife Barneys Collabo: Add a bit of Refinement to your Kicks collection.

Jay-Z's Blue Magic. No more ""Makin it Rain, It's all about "Flashin Euros"

It seems the current economic situation in the U.S. is truly affecting the Hip Hop Community, it's artists are being forced into the foreign exchange market. "Making it Rain" and "Flashin Dollas" Just ain't cutting it anymore, it's all about the Euros.

In Jay-Z's new video Blue Magic, scenes depicting the cooking of crack and reaping the fruits of "Labor" are littered throughout. Apparently Jigga's been getting into foreign trading and maximizing his portfolio. Soon enough the new shit's going to be flashin Renminbis and Rupe

Big Up to Ron C.



The Capital [E] line represents one of Levi's newer labels and allows for the creation of some more modern cuts all while maintaining a quality product. Each product is constructed by hand in the USA and must pass over 30 tests before they hit store shelves. Available now at the Melrose Avenue boutique, SURU.
Watchmakers Citizen recently collaborated with nano・universe to produce a special collaborative timepiece. The contemporary styling of the watch includes trademark Eco-Drive technology and a radio controlled function. Eco-Drive technology involves the use of solar power while the radio controlled function offers the ability to synchronize time with radio signals. The watch is currently available for pre-order at nano・universe. The price is set at ¥40,950 (approximately $348 USD).
Text: Kevin Ma (Hypebeast)


These are REAL music videos.

Sigur Ros untitled #1

Sigur Ros svefn-g-englar

Sneaks of the Week(Reebok Halloween Pack)

This Halloween Reebok is introducing the Halloween Pack.
Sneaker Renditions of horror movie characters Jason Voorhees Chucky and Freddy Krueger are already on sale, so Cop em!

Fall Steeze

For all you Graphic Design Heads
UNIQLO has teamed up with Pantone, world-renowned authority on color, for the second time, for a special collection of PANTONE-inspired cashmere. The PANTONE Color Collection of 100% cashmere sweaters offers two styles for men including a crewneck and a cardigan, and for women there is a deep v-neck. All styles are offered in a palette of 20 official PANTONE Colors. The PANTONE Cashmere Collection sweaters will retail at the affordable price of $129.50 and will be sold exclusively at the UNIQLO New York Flagship, the UT store, and UNIQLO Japan. UNIQLO’s first collaboration with Pantone was the launch of a line of PANTONE T-shirts earlier this year.


L.E.S end of Summer Jam

Joe thanks for hooking us with a good time

High Res Download Here.


LCD Soundsystem Someone Great

Someone Great was a standout track on the Sound of Silver album.
I'm glad to see the video directed by Doug Aitken has captured the mood of the song.
LCD Soundsystem

Add to My Profile | More Videos
Shout out to Rontronik


Nike Football Commercials

Two of my favorite commercials from two of my favorite directors.
Nike Gridiron 2004. Director David Fincher: Se7en,Fight Club and Zodiac.

Nike Leave Nothing 2007. Director Micheal Mann, Last of the Mohicans,Heat,Manhunter, and Ali.


Underworld's Crocodile, The Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance

Underworld's new album is set to drop in October. Here's the video for their first single Crocodile.
Yo Gunseller you know how we do, this shout out goes to you.

The Chemical Bother's have returned after a long hiatus. The Salmon Dance collabo featuring the Pharcydes Fat Lip made me happy to see he's still getting work.


Skims Recipe #2


Hello there, kids. I know, I missed a month. Stop crying. This bitch is busy. But things are abrewin, trust.

Skimjim has evolved into Skimkim! I've decided to take the company in a new direction, offering more options and opportunities for a handful of different chefs to spread their wings. If you are ever in need of some quality food for an event, a private dining party, or even a private cooking class, please get in touch with me at sam@skimkim.com. Ok. Shameless Self-promotion 101, class dismissed.

Anyhoo, I know many of you were in Vegas for Magic (throw-up, vomit, barf in general), Project (throw-up Ed Hardy), or United (throw-up Alexis Park pool water). As was I! And I saw many of you there in various states. Wasted, bored, annoyed, fed-the-fuck-up, whichever. Regardless, when we all weren’t dodging people we didn’t want to see around booth corners, I was at the Platinum Hotel, cooking for my team at Project. Since the food at trade shows is always shitty and expensive, we all agreed that Skimkim was going to cater lunch for a semi-meat but def veggie/vegan crowd. Monday’s lunch/brunch was super yummy and flavorful: Pear & Gorgonzola Frittata (for the Italians) or Tortilla (for the Spaniards) or Omelet (for the white folks) with Sautéed String Beans. Skim’s FriTorLet. Obviously, the vegan had to fend for himself. Here, have some carrots.

The Skimkim Kitchen was on fire this night. First, we all blazed some nice herb that Rocky, the lovely and talented T designer, had stashed in a cassette tape holder. Awesome. We were listening to my playlist called “NA Beer” which comes from when my sister and I were about 4 drinking Non-Alcoholic beer in the garage while our uncle (he was in AA) was workin on the jeeps hed pulled out of the lake. Its all classic rock. “Carry On My Wayward Son” is one of my all time favorites. Thank you Kansas. So, Rocky was having his own séance while my photographer du nuit, Baby Rox, was workin it on the kitchen counter and on the floor. Natalie was doing gymnastics in the bedroom.

Here’s what’s up (For you dudes who think you make “amazing eggs”, shut up. No you don’t. if you make these eggs, then, yes…yes, you do.”:
Skim’s FriTorLet

Photos By:Baby Rox

Thunderfang Pics Part 2

Thunderfang had another performance at Lit and a B-day at Fatbaby check it.

High Quality Photoset can be downloaded here also download the Ashcan Comic Book I'll be working on from time to time.


Cool Website

Japanese Lingerie Maker Ravijour takes web-browsing to a whole new level Victoria's Secret should take notes.
Fellas have fun shopping for the ladies.

Mos Def_Performs Poison Live Mp3

You know how Miss Ash be finding random shit...
Mos Def performing the R&B classic Poison. Shit is hot!, download the track.


Iron Man Trailer

Robert Downey Jr.
There is no better choice for the Role of Tony Starks/Iron Man, the parallels are uncanny.
Check out the trailer.


Grand National

After getting the New Grand National album from Gunseller I've been playing it for a month straight.
Check out their video "By the time I get home".
"By the time i get home..." GRAND NATIONAL by Michele Civetta


Chick of the Week

The Fridge Scene in the Cell Ya'll know wassup.

Sneaks of the Week Prepare to Form Voltron!

The Voltron Pack courtesy of Reebok
Contributor: Rontronik


Night of the Twinja

Our own Skim made her Screen Debut in Kareem Black's Twinja
Kareem Black in association with A76 Productions brings you the twin ninja accountant thriller: Twinja. The twins are mortal enemies and lead totally separate lives. Cheryl is a proud mom and wife who hates celery and loves to work hard. Her sister Charlene is a hard partier who hates stiffs and loves to get drunk and make out. But, they work at the same accounting firm only cubicles away... Let the numbers fly and shadow boxing begin. (Words Kareem Black)

For high quality download and slideshow click here


Aliens Vs Predator Requiem

Everyone Knew the 1st Alien Vs. Predator was garbage, once we saw the PG-13 rating our hopes of it being true to the Darkhorse Comic were dashed. Requiem ups the ante with it's R-rated trailer, folks this is Ultra Violent.
Shoutouts to Rontronik for this one.


Kid A

While searching MySpace Music for Radiohead's "Idioteque" from their beloved album "Kid A", I stumbled upon an artist by the same name. This KID A happens to be a talented 19 year old woman from Virginia who blends sassy, jazzy vocals and bangin' beats into something uniquely her own. Her EP "Night//Vision" was released on the 18th and can be purchased on her MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/kidakidauk). Go get an earful while you learn more about her below:

Q: What is your real name? How did you get the name "KID A"?
Well, I was born in ‘88 as Ann Alexander Thweatt (pronounced like "sweet" with a lisp). That last name is a handful. Not a lot of people can pronounce it right at all. So, I knew I was going to have to use some other alias.

When I was thinking about a name I started to look through my Cds; you know, at album titles or their track listings. Nothing sounded right until I saw Radiohead’s KID A album. It’s my favorite album by them. It’s their best moment in music, I think. Just absolutely brilliant. I just wanted to take that name and use it as my own creative identity. They’re a group that has always inspired me so it’s a bit of an homage as well.

Q: Who is "KID A"?
KID A is a 19 year old girl with an intense love and appreciation for music. Good music. Music today is in jeopardy. It’s so sad. It’s passion, creativity, and distinction is gone. So, KID A is a new alternative for listeners.

Q: What is your musical background?
I’ve been around music since I was born, thankfully. My grandpa always played jazz around me musicians like: Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, and Dizzy Gillespie. And groups like: Weather Report. So I love jazz. Jazz fusion. My mother was my source to rock n roll. She got my started with The Beatles, David Bowie, and Steely Dan.

I first began playing instruments in the fifth grade. I played the viola. By sixth I played the clarinet. I gave that up and learned to play guitar and bass. I only practiced at home, but in high school I was able to form a band with friends. I discovered my vocal ability when I was started singing lead. That was an interesting experience for me.

Q: How would you describe the music you make?
Eclectic, refreshing, and different.
Q: Who are you listening to these days?
These days I’ve been really crazy about Dj Mehdi, TTC, YELLE, Joy Division, The Cure, Prefab Sprout, Kate Bush, and Klaxons. The French electro scene is just so crazy. I love what they’re doing. It’s so amazing. And I always look to Britain for great, great music, whether it’s a band from the yesteryears of the latter 70s to early 80s. Or a new band that has resurrected an old sound.

Q: What do you want to say about the imminent release of your EP "Night//Vision"?
Night//Vision is mash-up of school girl trials and tribulations. Secrets. Stories. Light in some areas, dark in others. My heart goes into everything I write and produce, but this, by far, is my favorite EP. I knew I was leaving for university soon and I just wanted to leave music behind that I would be pleased with. Music that people would want to and love to discover.
Words by: Miss Ash

Sneaks of Week( The Dirty Rat Pack)

The Nike Dirty Rat Pack created by Blac Ren, Rontronik,Kes Evergreen, Kaiser Sennheiser, and Ibeat.
Click for Large Photo.


Biggest Beefs In Hip Hop Vol.1

As BEEF IV DROPS, Me Ibeat and the Goose got to talking about some of the biggest beefs in hip-hop and the songs that started them.
If you any of you guys remember them add it to the list, in the mean time here's some to start you off with.

Old School
The Roxanne Wars
Krs One vs. Marly Marl
The Bridge

The Bridge is Over

LL Cool J vs. Kool Moe Dee

Present Day
Tupac vs. The Notorious B.I.G.and Mobb Deep
Hit em Up!

Death Row vs. The East Coast(Dem Catz was Crazy)
California Love

Dr. Dre and Eminem vs.Jermaine Dupri

Nas vs. Jay-Z


G-Unit Vs. Ja Rule
Black Gloves

The Game Vs. G-Unit
120 Bars

Cam'ron Vs. Jay-Z


The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

Shout outs to Dan R. for this one.


THUNDERFANG is a recording project by Lyle Hodges based on a collection of songs that were written while he was in his bands Death Wings, Albany Orchestra, Amphibian, Kuwahara, and Science Fair. He continues to build on this collection under the name THUNDERFANG. Words by Lyle Hodges
High Quality Photos Click Here

Bless You_Thunderfang.


Chick of the Week

Kat Von D: This latin hottie made her first appearance in the TLC show Miami Ink and has now moved on to her own show LA Ink. She's literally a work of art with Tatoos gracing all of her body.
I've been peeping her quite a lot lately so I had to make her chick of the week.

Gorillaz in the...

Jamie Hewlett is an English comic book artist and designer. He is best known for being the co-creator of the comic strip Tank Girl and co-creator of the band Gorillaz.
He was commissioned to do a collection of sex toys for Jimmy Jane the producer of luxury vibrators and sensual accessories.


756 Let the Hating Commence!

Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's all time homerun record at 756.The Haters want an asterik(*) due to alleged steroid use.
If it were Mark McGwire would it have been the same?
Photo: Danny Moloshok/Reuters



Fall Steeze Part 1

Rontronik and Shimodatron remember what we talked about?
Fall Steeze Part 1... Nike.com


Sneaks of the Week



100 Greatest Songs of the 90's(Download)

A few weeks back I posted the greatest songs of Hip-Hop.
This week i'm posting the 100 Greatest songs of the 90's.(Click here for download)
Now I know there has to be a few missing or probably shouldn't be on the list,so I want to hear your opinions.



The Man in the Box

Amesinger is an up and coming filmaker I've known for quite sometime. He's producing a Animated film about the life in prison of a notorious "bad man". These are teasers for the soon to be finished film.


The Dirty Rat Pack set lists

Alot of you were asking about the DJ Sets and Performances of the Dirty Rat Pack.I'm starting off with Rontronik and Kes Evergreen Set list,(Click Link for download) next up will be Kaiser Sennheiser and Ibeat, stay tuned.


Skim's Smash N' Burn S'mores

Blacrendering SlideshowflickrSLidr's flickrSLiDR.
Smash N' Burn S'mores

This is the first edition of many on blacrender.blogspot.com so start payin attention. I know that many of you have no clue how to cook (or clean) so this is your chance to learn. And impress the ladies or your friends. *If any of you can Seal-A-Deal with my help, please let me know. All of my renderings will be as easy as I can make them so don't whine if "It's toooo haaaarrd, Sam." Whining's not cute, especially from dudes.

It's summer. If you aren't from the city, you may have gone campin with your folks, boy scouts, girl scouts (my sis and I were kicked out of Brownies for not making the selling cookie quota, really, we did not give a fuck). If not, you should have at least experienced some type of big ass fire to roast things, dead cats and cans of gas dont count. Im talking about hot dogs and marshmallows, pyromaniacs.

I LOVE grilled hot dogs, my fave summer treat, but S'mores are more of a Deal Sealer so I'm gonna give you guys a Pyromaniac/TemperTantrum recipe–Smash N' Burn S'mores,Download Here.

As you can see, we celebrated Independence Day in style, as always. I love this red jumper...any designers who want their stuff up, lace me and I promise I'll give you a shout! I'll also be givin you a soundtrack bc seriously, you have to set the mood. For Smash N' Burn, we were girlin' out to some old skool hip hop and stuff with GangStarr, Das EFX, CeCe Peniston and Evelyn Champagne King. Loooove.



When MC Pearl Dragon friend requested me on Myspace I thought to myself
"Oh no, another no-talent band request". Then I went to his page
(www.myspace.com/thepearldragon), listened to his tracks and saw Spank
Rock MC Naeem Juwan's full endorsement. I see why. Pearl was asked to
open the West coast leg of Spank Rock's tour. Here is a Q & A with the
up-and-coming wordsmith:

Q: Can you explain the story of how you met up with Spank Rock?

A: We met in a Seattle after-hours sneaking in back stage to get at
the Grey Goose Vodka. I went back there and met him and told him to go
to the Egg Room and he said he was already djing there. We met up and
started rapping, talking about music, freestyling a little bit. I said
we should keep in contact so we kept in contact. Then they were having
a West Coast tour, so me and my boy, Thomas (Gray), were invited to
tour with them after corresponding back and forth about music. It's
normally not that easy. Those guys are good folks.

Q: What's it like being a hip hop artist coming out of seattle? is
there a scene there?

A: Seattle hip hop has been around for a long time but it's been more
underground. It finally now is emerging more and a lot of MC's are
making headway and getting themselves out there and heard. Definitely a
potent scene but it is so far up North that it hasn't been as
accessible to other areas. It's pretty good to be an artist from

Q: What is your favorite album of all time?

A: Outkast ATLiens

Q: If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

A: Laura Zucker. She's the illest female rapper from Seattle...EVER!
or Quincy Jones.

Q: Being from Seattle, who was your favorite grunge band and song?

A: Definitely would have to be Nirvana - Lithium. I use it in Seattle
Anthem, "...Sunday mornings everyday for all I care, and I'm not
scared, light my candles in a daze cause I found God in my head."

Q: Funniest/weirdest thing that's ever happened at a performance?

A: At a show in Portland a guy fainted from touching my hand. It was
like a Bible revival. We made teenage girls faint and start crying as
Words by Miss Ash



100 of the Greatest Rap and Hip-Hop Songs

Some of you know I lost all my music when my hardrive crashed, so now I've been steady downloading shit, Anyways on one of the Torrents here's what I found.
100 of the Greatest Rap and Hip-Hop songs(click here for download.) and add to your playlists You may have beef of what may or may not be on here so speak your mind. In the meantime enjoy the the download. Its a biggie, no pun intended.

One of my Fav Hip Hop Songs(Thanks for reminding me Andy)


Sneaks of the Week

Sneaks 7-17-07
Check out the the Prodigy Vid below, there you can find some of the kicks featured in Sneaks of the Week from time to time.


Blac Renderings Video Podcast.

This is the first of the video podcasts i'll be working on from time to time.
Just drop this file in your itunes or play here.
Prodigy is a sneaker spot on the Lower Eastside, for those of you Supreme,DQM, and Classic Kicks heads don't sleep on Prodigy.Their merchandise is on point and won't break your bank. Check it!


Hugo Arcier

Click Pic for Videos

Check out the artwork of Hugo Arcier

American Gangster

Denzel Washington has been a favorite thespian of my mine for quite some time. I have to admit though his roles since Training Day disappointed me. They all seemed monotone with no great stretches in his performances.
Until now!
American Gangster looks to cement Washington's place as one of the great actors of our generation(2nd only to Wesley Snipes). The Ridley Scott Gangster Epic also stars fellow Academy Award Winner Russel Crowe. It takes place in 70's Harlem and tells the story of the rise and fall of Frank Lucas a true Uptown OG.

Kitsune Comp. 4 Limited Download

French label Kitsune has put out 4 electro-indie (I think I’ll call it “eclectro”) compilations. So far, number 4 is my favorite. When I first heard it, the version I had was just a promo mix and the songs were in a different order and flowed really well. The last song was “Be My Friend” by Darkel (aka Jean-Benoit Dunckel of Air). Its quirky 80’s hairband guitar effects mixed with a slightly Asian flourish behind Dunckel’s demure and lispy croonings about eternal friendship was a sweet finish to a really dope mix. On the complete Maison 4, “Be My Friend” is actually first and I’m not sure it works as well there. Either way, it is still a great song in my book.

Some other highlights include the Boys Noize bangin’ remix of Feist’s sultry and upbeat “My Moon My Man”, Adam Sky’s remix of the annoyingly infectious “La Musique” by Riot in Belgium (it really jumps off after the 1:23 mark into some French chic semi-rapping sexily), Punks Jump Up’s “Dance to Our Disco” breaks out with punk/funk mayhem that evokes the Stray Cats without the kitsch and finally Toronto duo Crystal Castles “Knights” which is probably my favorite track on the whole compilation. It is spacey, hiccupy and somewhat surly. Just the way I like my music. Check it out:DOWNLOAD WHOLE COMPILATION BY CLICKING PIC. WORDS BY:Miss Ash


Daft Punk Live at Coachella 2006

Click Pic for the full download(for best results use Firefox or Safari and save to disk)
I'm sure most of you heard about Daft Punk's set at Coachella back in 2006,folks couldn't stop talking about it. Well here's a rare find the whole set for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy and have something to look forward to when they come to nyc.Here's a sample the shit is hot my friends.

A Family Affair

Here's the Photoset for Beans at Hiro.
For full quality click Here


The art of Neck Face

I must admit that until somewhat recently I viewed “graffiti” as nothing more than the thoughtless yet selfish doodles of bored teenagers who felt powerless in the world. Well, maybe that’s partly true still but I have since gained an appreciation for the sentiment behind it and the artistry as well.

Although it pains me to see bright pink scrawl across the glass surfaces of the new bus stops in my neighborhood, I do appreciate a well-placed and funny F.U. to the “establishment” at times. Enter Neck Face. Born in the mid 80s in Stockton, California and inspired by death-metal, Neck Face’s goblins, monsters, hairy arms and slogans can be seen all over NYC, San Francisco and Tokyo. Alongside his drawings you’ll notice his name written in a child-like scrawl and dripping menacingly. Provoking both laughter and fear, Neck Face is well-known both because of the volume of his pieces as well as his originality and dark humor. It’s just hard to hate the guy.
Words by: Miss Ash


The Blacrenderings Podcast series Rontronik Mix 0022207b

Here's another Blacrenderings Podcast, courtesy of Rontronik. This time i've made it interactive. He's listed a few of his faves that you can click on when playing in iTunes that will link you to its info. Just make sure the album art can be viewed in your iTunes player.
1. Lady Cab Driver by Prince and The Revolution
2. Window Licker by Aphex Twin
3. Bounce That by Girl Talk
4. Wave Jumper by Drexciya •••• favorite••••
5. Prepare To Energize by Torch Song •••• favorite••••
6. Home Computer by Kraftwerk
7. Chromed Out by Ectomorph
8. We're Back by LFO
9. Just Can't Get Enough (Dirty South Remix) by Depeche Mode
10. Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Circuits Remix) by The Knife
11. Electric Kingdom by Twilight 22 •••• favorite••••
12. Numbers by Kraftwerk
13. Gold Lion (Diplo Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeah's
14. Twist (Jacque Lu Cont Remix) by Goldfrapp
15. Lindsay Lohan by Spank Rock
16. My Legendary Girlfriend by Pulp
17. Tour De France by Kraftwerk


Interpol 30sec Promos for the new album OUR LOVE TO ADMIRE

Check out The 30sec Promos for the new Interpol album.
Courtesy of Stereogum.

For all of them click the stereogum link
Contributor: Rontronik

Bat for Lashes music video

Here's a cool find courtey of Miss Ash.
Bat for Lashes "What's a girl to do"


Chicks of the Week

1.Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years.2.Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks. and 3.The trio from a Different World, Denise Huxtable,Freddie Brooks and Whitley Gilbert. These Ladies often proved to be a lot of work for the Geeks who had crushes on them. Winne Cooper had Kevin Arnold stressed for years and he came up short when she left town and got married. Denise the problemed child from the Huxtable clan moved out on her own, providing new headaches for Dwayne Wayne the math genius at Hillman College. Freddie the quirky freespirit who got no play from Dwayne because he was too busy chasing Whitley. Last but not least we have the coolest chick of the group Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks the army coat wearing hottie who at the end of the day you knew had your back.

Sneaks of the Week