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TWILITE TONE'S HOUSEWARMING [Yep he moved to New York Mix]

Get ready for a GROOVIN time with Pt.1 of the Twilite ToneCondo Shopping Mix Pt. 1(Download Here).

In the mean time ENJOY and stay tuned for Part 2 to get you warmed up for Tone's monthly Tuesdays at APT later in May,details to follow.



Noah good looking out.


Dj Duane's Stardust Boogie Mix

It's time for another edition of "Tha Get UP!" at APT NYC and yours truly this weekend. May 2nd I bring you none other than the crowned prince of the left coast fukiness DAM-FUnk. THe LA native hosts and deejays the popular "Funkmosphere" parties in his hometown which focuses on that greasy, nasty 80's boogie funk sound. He' also an ill producer, and just got signed to Stones Throw records( Check for his remix of "Burn Rubber" by Baron Zen)We'll also be joined by THe Twilite Tone as well...it's gonna get grown in there:)

In celebration, here's a little "Stardust boogie" mix, highlighting some old rarities and some dope new-skool boogie N-joi..and
come party with us on Friday.

Dj Duane's Stardust Boogie mix (Download Here)


Grand Theft Auto IV hit the shelves at 12 am this morning.
Estimated sales are already at $400,000,000.
Download Screensavers Here PC/MAC


Final Analysis: 5 Finger Review: Santogold

Santogold has been getting alot of hype about her self-titled debut album. It's well-deserved too, given the hot singles she's previously released. The album does deliver but not all-the-way. I consider it a "creeper" because that is exacty what it does - creeps up on you ... the more i listen the more i like. But it still has some lackluster moments.

• "Creator"
• "Lights Out"
• "Unstoppable"
• "You'll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix)"

• I wish the overall production had a little more "Flash" to it

Final Analysis: solid debut - 3 Fingers (out of 5) Words by:Rontronik

Check out the Santogold Remixes


The 2008 Fragrance and Film Festival

The entries are in for the 2008 Fragrance and Film festival.
One of the entrants for the Can Can Fragrance is Jacob Waxler from IndieFlavor.com.
peep the familiar faces and places...
Vote for your favorite entry here.


Ghostly Swim

Home of music acts Dabrye and Matthew Dear, the record label Ghostly International has released Ghostly Swim for Adult Swim. A compilation of music and art made popular by the Avant-Pop Scence. Download the free album HERE

Big Ups to Prolific for the look out.


Sneaks of the Week

Refined footwear for the RENaissance Man.
Yea I know they been out for a minute but one of our resident kicks connoisseurs Noisette aka the Internet Indiana Jones had to put the brand through his rigorous testing (basically how many head turns he gets in the streets of NYC).
Now he blesses you with the hottest thing since tar on a Brooklyn street on a 100-degree summer day.

Every event is now covered:
Boating in the Hamptons,
The invite to "that" party (you know the one you were NEVER getting into).
Copping the fresh Obey t-shirt with the sick cargo shorts for spring (of course… while in Barcelona),
Driving down Santa Monica Blvd in the new Land Rover…
Or just plain stuntin' thru soho on a perfect Saturday. CLAE fills the need.

Blacren introduces you to.. CLAE enjoy.

Noisette's formula for success? EVERY pair in the "Russell" collection.
Words By:Noisette



To Kick off Tone's new monthly at APT. he's cooked up a lil housewarming podcast for us all.

Yimmys Yayo-Visual Crack for the Ocular Fiend

Talk about Eye Candy
Check out this Dope Photoblog Yimmys Yayo


Boogie Nights: I should call folks out

Peeps who shall remain nameless liken me to Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights when I get ready to go out for a night on the town. (HAH! That's Fucked Up Nukka's)

Karate from Blac Ren on Vimeo.
When it comes to being compared to a character of said film i'd like to think of myself as... Buck Swope, now that Cat was Blac Ren Steeze personified.

Freaky Deaky from Blac Ren on Vimeo.

Bjork's Wanderlust video in 3D to Premiere on Wired.

The Video Premieres in 3D on April 20 at wired.com
See it here first courtesy of the Gunseller.
Make your own 3D glasses from the folks at Wired here.

Losa X Stussy Milano X SlamJam

I'm in the process of of Bike Hunting, If I had my choice...
Fixed-gear bicycle assembled for the occasion of the Bicycle Film Festival - Milan edition and displayed at the Stüssy Store.
Aluminum alloy frame handmade by master craftsman Giovanni Losa historical track bicycles frame builder in Vittuone, Milan.

For those about to ride a fixed-gear: never forget!
Words by: Viva Vigorelli!


Sneaks of Week

For those of you who may be traveling this Summer Re-Up with these flavas.
Purchase here if you can afford the Price Tag.
Hanon Shop

Nike:Bobitto AF1's
New Balance: Fanzine
New Balance: X Hanon
Vans:Kiss Edition



The Works of Sarah Friedman

Folks, wanna know where I get my photography tips?
From Sarah Friedman one of my favorite photographers.
I heard through the grapevine she might be trying her hand at video.
Time to step my game up.

Sneaks of Weeks


Nike Blazer Stingray-Salone Del Mobile '08
Porsche Design White Collection
Puma: Yo MTV Raps Collection
The Nikes or any of the Kicks from the Yo MTV Puma collection compliments the Porsche white collection quite nicely.
Also check out the 10Deep Spring lookbooks for extra flavas.
Prolific this is especially for you.


A McCain and Rambo Ticket

Who do you want answering the phone at 3 a.m.?
When that question was presented to us, I thought about it.
Certainly it won't be John McCain after his comments (and his apology)a few months back.
I kept thinking of Rambo in First Blood and the scene where he flips out after catching flashbacks while a prisoner of war in Vietnam.
Last week McCain was endorsed by Sylvester Stallone and my fears were confirmed.
Can you imagine John McCain catching flashbacks at 3am when he gets that call?
Maybe he'll seek advice from Rambo.

Untitled from Blac Ren on Vimeo.


Remix Radiohead's Nude

Radiohead is offering you the chance to remix Nude from the In Rainbows album.
Get the stems from iTunes to create yor remix.
Rontronik, iBeat, Prolific and Priest, wassup you down??


Dj Duane's "Let's Get Grown (Strangs & Thangs) Mix

Tha! Get UP April 4 @ APT $10 + Dj Duane's "Let's Get Grown (Strangs & Thangs) Mix Download here. 
We are bringin' more heat this weekend, as we welcome the legendary Maurice Fulton to share the decks with your's truly Friday the 4th. Fulton's influential production has subverseley changed the tone of cutting edge music. 
The man co-produced "Gypsy Woman" and "100 % pure love". 
His productions for his wife MU, !!!, Kathy Diamond and Annie redefined electro house,nu rave, dance-rock, whatever..Oh did I forgot to mention he was Whodini's tour DJ back in '86, when he was 17???  In any case, the man is "Black renaissance" personified and he's an amazing DJ. 
Should be another dope one...and here's a new mix of deep, funky old school 70's sexiness for the grown folks i.e YOU!!!

DJ Duane's Let's get grown (Strangs & thangs) mix

Dionne Warwick-"I think you need love"
Patti Jo-"Ain't no love lost"
Thelma Houston-"I wanna be where you are"
The Sylvers-"We can make it if we try"
Soft Touch-"Plenty Action"
Joyce Williams-"First thing I do in the mornin"
Dynamic Superiors-"Nobody's gonna change me"
Voices of East Harlem-"can you feel it"
Billy Taylor-"Bright star in the east"
Funk inc.-"I'm gonna love you just a little more"
Jackson 5-"I'll bet you"
Supremes_"Come together"
Sweet Charles-"Yes it's you"
Danny Pearson-"Say it again"
Love Unlimited Orchestra-"Midnight Groove"
Jr. Walker-"Love Hangover
Eddie Henderson-"Cyclops"

The Photography of Thierry Le Goues

French Photographer: Thierry Le Goues
His work is inspiring.
Big Ups to the Internet Indiana Jones: J. Noisette



Just download... Add to your iPod. Select and press play. For all my NYC folks, listen while walking the streets...

Tracklist is as follows:

1. L.E.S (Artistes Exxxchange Mix) by Santogold
2. The Flow (Jedi Knights Mix) by Model 500
3. Destroying Human Nature by Mu
4. It's All True (Escort Remix) by Tracey Thorn
5. Snow Joke by A.R. Kane
6. Gatekeeper by Feist
7. Twiggy by Chicken Lips
8. She's Magma (Futurecurrent Remix) by Rontronik
9. Moskow Diskow (Carl Craig Remix) by Telex
10. Ride The Rhythm by Bim Marx
**oops transition**
11. Wednesday Night People by Moodymann
12. Can You Feel It (Vocal Mix) by Mr. fingers
13. Magick (SMD Remix) by Klaxons

running time : 00:34:55

For the Dealmakers

Refined Geek Chic: Business Attire The Blac Ren Way!
Ralph Lauren Black Label Monza II Jacket
Shoes: 100 Styles and Running
Watch:Omega Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond Collectors Edition
Portfolio Case:Hideo Wakamatsu Aluminum Folio
Bag:APC Weekend Bag
Sunglasses:Italia Indepedent Carbon Fiber Sunglasses


The Sparkle Nation Podcast

For the past two years Sparkle Nation has introduced me to music that I'd probably never find on my own. What better way to share this with you then to have her do a podcast? Enjoy!

I recorded this mostly in one take. There are glitches/mistakes
throughout, and some parts don't make much sense, but I'm sticking
with the original because the overall theme is nightlife. My song
selection speaks to the "scene" I've been a part of for the last two
years in New York. These are almost all songs I've either heard out
at night or DJed at a club myself. So basically, this is my musical
identity as Sparkle Nation... and an ode to my DJ friends and their parties.
Chic - Dance Dance Dance (Yowsa Yowsa Yowsa)
Tittsworth - Georgia
Dia - Beater
Tube & Berger feat. Vanity - Funky Shit (Gui Boratto remix)
Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance (Herve remix)
Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - After Love
Pryda - Remember
Bart B More - Basement Beats
Pomomofo - Back At The Club (Boy 8 Bit remix)
Bassnectar feat. Kristina Maria - Yo
Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (Kid Fresh & Haterboy remix)
Yelle - Ce Jeu (Them Jeans remix)
Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Cosmo Baker remix)
Slam - Visions (TLS remix)
Crystal Castles - Air War
AAR - Ragamuffin Techno
Samin - Heater (Diplo remix)
Pharoahe Monch - Body Baby (Ct. of Monte Cristal & Sinden remix)
Pase Rock - Sexy Motherfucker (Gordon Bombay remix)
Farley Jackmaster Funk - Jack the Bass
Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy remix)
Radiohead - I am Citizen Insane


Obama Gives His Answer

Read the New York Times Article
Your Thoughts?

The BlacRen.com podcast on iTunes

We're finally up on iTunes!
To suscribe to the podcast just click the pic and it should automatically open up in your iTunes player, or just do a word search at the iTunes Music Store if you're having issues with you're web browser.
In the coming months look out for video segments and more dope mixes.
Blac Ren Banner


Chick of the Week

It's been quite sometime since I've done a chick of the week(No Pun Intended).
I came across the Boarding Gate trailer starring Asia Argento daughter of Famed Italian Director Dario Argento.
Some of you may remember her from the Vin Diesel movie XXX and probably want to forget that cinematic masterpiece. Anyways I saw a few of her Italian films and was feeling her back in the day, I'm glad she's back. I won't be first in line for Boarding Gate but it'll definitely be on my Net Flix Que cause you know she's going to get nekkid.

The Blac Artz

Illustrations by Mel Ramos

Photography by Eva Muellerand Michael Magin

Speed Racer Trailer

Rontronik has been telling me about this for months... For You Sci-Fi, Fantasy geeks trust me when I say you need to download the Quicktime HD Version.


"Fresh for " 88-91" Rare Hip Hop mix

Last Friday at APT we bid farewell to Laura and Damon
and celebrated Donielle's B-day.
Sorry I didn't get enough pics in, I was too busy enjoying the music, Thanks D!

Check out Duanes 88-91 old school mix. DOWNLOAD HERE.
When my Man said it was Rare he wasn't lyin, enjoy.
"Fresh for " 88-91" Rare Hip Hop mix
Cold Crush Brothers-"We can do this"
Mikey D & The L.A. Posse-"Go for it"
Cool C-"Down to the Grissle"
Top Choice Clique-"Peace of mInd"
Hostyle-"Keep on movin"
The Rangers-"I'm Hot"
Alliance-"Oreo Cookie"
Kings of Swings-"Stop Jockin' James"
Stezo-"To the Max"
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud-"I gota good thing"
Latee & Dj Mark-"Puttin on the HIts"
Anttex-"Understand me Vanessa"
Fresh Gordon & The Jaz-"I believe in Music"
Derek B & EZ Q-"Rock The Beat"
Mark the 45 King-"Take me to the 45 King"
QBC-"This is called Hip Hop"
UBC-"UB style"

No mp3's we're used and harmed in any way while making this mix":)


Sneaks of the Week

Here's some spring flavas courtesy of Puma.
The Alexander McQueen Collection
If you're going to accessorize rock em with these Specs courtesy of Stussy.
For the Spring check out Puma's Disc Blaze together with the Ontour hoodie.
Courtesy of Hypebeast.com

The Wire Odyssey Comes To An End

Your Thoughts?
Download The Wire Screensavers PC MAC
Suscribe to the Podcast Here
Here are a few articles on the Series Finale
Chicago Tribune
The Baltimore Sun
New York Magazine: Shot by Shot of the Montage Commentary


Guess Who's Black?

I'm sure many of you have heard about the new Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder a spoof of Vietnam war movies. In it a well know white actor(who'll be revealed later) portrays one of the films lead characters Kirk Lazarus who by the way happens to be black.
When I got the pic from Rontronik my first reaction was shock at the perfect resemblance, an hour later Skim sent me the link with a warning of "please don't filp out". I have to tell you I'm not mad at it, black comedians have been impersonating white folks for quite some time. If this is an accurate portrayal and in the context of the character then kudos to to Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller.
If it's on some Blackface S!@# then... Anywho check out the rest of the story at EW.com


No We Can't!

We can't endorse an Obama ticket with this type of garbage.
I won't front on the Hunnie factor but I can't trust Will.he.ain't with delivering a message, I thought I was watching an infomercial for Metemucil.
Is this why Obama lost Texas and Ohio? ;)

I think it's time we call on Quincy Jones to make shit right, peep his line-up.
His team was Fierce!, Fierce! 25 Year Anniversary for Thriller, still number one What Son!

Joe Louis (America's Hero Betrayed)

My dad and I always argued about who was the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, Joe Louis or Muhammad Ali.
He's all about Joe Louis ( "You young folks don't know squat about true boxing") after watching the HBO documentary this past Monday ... Dad you may be right.


Skimkim Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

First things first:
I wanted to get this recipe out before Valentine's Day so that you guys could woo your lady friends...unfortunately (for you), I was preparing for V-day and belated birthday celebration of my own to Puerto Rico. Heh heh. So, I had to leave you to your own devices. I know, you were all eagerly waiting by your computers for a helping hand from Skim. Sorry.

Its been brick lately. Brick. So I decided to take a classic warming comfort food, tomato soup, and make it romantic. Many of us grew up with this dish and always had a grilled cheese to dip. So, of course, I am including that as well–cept this one has moist flavorful roast chicken to boot. Sooo good.

Puerto Rico was amazing. We flew into San Jose and took a mini-plane to Vieques, an island off the east coast. Undeveloped and gorgeous. I talked to Todd at Kingsize who was covering my shifts and he had already shoveled the sidewalk 3 times while I was busy applying lotion on my sunburnt tummy. Anyhoo, obviously, I love rubbing my beach trip into your pale, stressed out faces but let me get on with the food. My boobs are still peeling...by the way.

Skim's Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese DOWNLOAD RECIPE HERE


DJ Duane Harriot's "High Tech Soul" Mix

Tha Get up! With Dj Duane Harriott w/ Theo Parrish on Friday March @nd @ APT $10

One of the best Tech/house/soul/jazz producers is making a rare NYC guest appearance alongside yours truly and hearing him spin live is one of the things that every human being should experience at least once.
In celebration I've made a mix of some deep urban technosoul..hope you feel it.
*no mp3's were used or harmed in anyway whilst recording this mix*
Q-Tip-Barely in love
Intn'l Pony-Leaving Home (Akufen mix)
Borneo & Sporenburg-"Music added to my day"
Deep Chord-#3
Recloose-I can't take it (Carl Craig remix)
Paperclip People-"Climax" (Dobe and Jamez dub)
Headman-"It rough" (Chicken lips dub)
Magnus International-Kosmetisk
Larry Heard-"Stars"
The Program-"Desire"
Underground Resistance-Galaxy 2 Galaxy (live version)
Dan Curtin-"Progenesis"
Utopia Project-File #1



The X-Box 360 or PS3?

I've been holding out on purchasing a Next Gen system.
The Xbox 360 was clearly my first choice but with the Blu-Ray HD-DVD format wars put to rest the PS3 might be the way to go. After seeing the trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII I'm feeling nostalgic for the old Final Fantasy VII days.
PEEP the trailer, your advice on which Next Gen system I should go with is welcomed.


Hillary: Bitter Much?

Last night's debate provided more entertaining moments
The Tape Don't Lie

The Farrakhan Question: WTF? While you're at it Tim Russert throw a turban on the table and ask Obama if he is in fact Osama.
"SHAME ON YOU" for pulling that card, I'm surprised he didn't ask Hillary if she'd take a week off every month as President of the United States for "Feminine Issues." Folks need to chill and stick to the Issues, this should not be about Gender or Race.


Skimkim's Catering Website Launch

Skimkim launched her website early last week.
The recipes she's been doing for Blacrenderings have been well recieved.
So If you any of you guys are looking for a Catering Service you know where to go.


THE WIRE: Foreshadowing in season 3

For those of us who watch The Wire the question on our minds is what's going to happen to Omar?(Tonight we find out.)
Some of you may already know, but what's interesting is that way back in season three
(Season 3: Episode "Dead Soldiers") there's some foreshadowing going on. Pay attention to the kids that Bunk is observing and how the scene plays out. Hmmm is that a young Kenard trying to wrestle the stick from his fellow playmate who is pretending to be Omar?

One Shall Fall:Posted Today 2/25/08 CONTAINS SPOILER WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Footage Property of Home Box Office.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Commercial.

For all of you who waited for the Drums in Phill Collins's In The Air Tonight.
From this point forward step your game up.
Good Looking Gunseller for this one.
Click Pic


The Artwork of Chris Cox

Chris Cox has created a series of Posters free for distribution during the Obama Campaign. His Designs are HOT!.


The Conglomerate Presents

Yesterday you got DJ Duane's Valentine's Day Mix.

Next Up: Rontronik's Map Of Two Hearts Mix.(Originally Mixed in 2000)

A Map of Two Hearts (ILHBWTMAFTTH Mix)
Download iTunes Mix here
Movement I
1. Save Me by Nina Simone
2. Bonnie And Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg w/ Brigette Bardot
3. One Way Ride by Hooverphonic
4. Gathering Memory by Detroit Escalator Co.
5. World In My Eyes by Depeche Mode
Movement II
6. Cups by Underworld
7. La Guitaristic House Organisation by Rinocerose
8. Terrible Funk by Breakbeat Era
9. Gridlock by Ram Trilogy
10. Warhead (Ram Trilogy Mix) by Krust
11. Vegas by Peshay
12. Concealed Identity by Source Direct
13. Shining Down by Goldie
Movement III
14. Blade Runner Love Theme by Vangelis
15. Ten To Twenty by Sneaker Pimps
16. God only Knows by Cornelius
17. Sparks Are Gonna Fly by Catherine Wheel

Blac Ren's Broken Hearts Mix
iTunes Download with Album Art Here
Regular MP3 Download here
10cc_I'm not in love
Protection_Massive Attack Feat.Tracy Thorne
Marvin Gaye_ I Want You(Vocal)
Beck_Broken Drum_Boards of Canada Remix(Post 90's)
Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige_All I Need
Daft Punk_Something About us(Post 90's)
Sade_Hang On To Your Love
Culture Club_Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
Bjork_Violently Happy
The Police_Every Breath You Take
Prince and The Revolution_The Beautiful Ones
The Wannadies_You and Me Song

DJ Duane Harriott's "Love in the afternoon v-day party jam mix"

Valentines day is dropping a little early on Blac Renderings.
To set it off here's DJ Duane Harriott's "Love in the afternoon v-day party jam mix"

Just a little mix of some of my favorite loverman jams.
Nothin' too rare or hard-to find. Just somethin' to bounce, ride, chillout, or makeout to.

I deejay and host one of the best-kept-secrets of the weekend called Tha Get UP! @ APT every 1st Friday of the month. I'm also one half of the BIm Marx, the other half being Jorge Velez aka Prof. Genius. Look for some forthcoming releases in the next few months from us!
One <3

Track Listing
Al B. Sure-"oooh this love is so"
Force Md's-"Love is a house"
Bernard Wright_"who do youlove"
Mary Jane Girls-"All Night Long"
Mary J. Blige-"Love no limit"
Little River Band-"reminiscing"
Samantha Sang & BeeGees-"Emotion"
William Devaugn-"Be thankful for what you got"
Sister Sledge-"Thinkin' of you"
Bill Whithers-"Lovely Day"
Syreeta-"I love every little thing about you"
-----Bedroom ETA------------------------------------
RFTW_"Love you down"
Silk-"Freak me" (Apologies for the glitch)
Aaliyah-"One in a million"(Darkchild rmx)
SOS Band-"Weekend Girl"
Tony Toni Tone-"It never rains in Southern California"
Atlantic Starr-"Touch a four leaf clover"
Up Next! Rontronik's A Map of Two Hearts Mix


The 2008 Grammy Awards: Kanye West

You know after Kanye's acceptance speech our Miss. Ash was going to have something to say...

Miss Ash:
Although he had no reason to throw a full-on tantrum this time, Kanye West still managed to act like a complete douche at the 2008 Grammy Awards last night. How you gonna scold the entire Grammy orchestra in the name of “good taste”? Irony much?

Listen Kanye - you won an award just like all the other winners. We all know it is not in your vocabulary to humbly accept the award and keep it moving. But how about you thank Mama FIRST and THEN find time for redundant assertions about entitlement and what not? That way, the cheesy orchestra music only cuts into your self-aggrandizement and not your “tribute” to your mother.

Watch the clip below for evidence of Mr. West's boundless arrogance and complete absence of tact. Then watch Vince Gill’s hilarious and well-timed clowning in response:

(This vid was put together by some joker on youtube but it's funny and shows all the original footage.)

(I have a feeling we'll be hearing something about Vince Gill or country music on the next Kanye album.)

I asked Miss Ash if she was secretly crushing on my boy Kanye, that is not the case.
Stay tuned the Beef Continues.

Sneaks of the Week

Courtesy of Sneaker Freaker and Supra



If any of you watched the Super Bowl, I KNOW my NY peeps did.
You probably saw the trailer for Wanted the new film by Russian Director Timur Bekmambatov. Wanted is based on the Graphic Novel penned by Mark Millar and features Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy , Morgan Freeman and Common. It's looking pretty dope( but are folks ready for another Matrix?) Shot with the new RED Camera; Techies are calling it the harbinger of digital filmmaking in the independent film industry.

The Star Trek Teaser on the header of Cloverfield was the highlight of the film, yes Ron I stand by that statement ;).


Obama in 2008

On the eve of Super Tuesday the Litmus Test for the citizens of the United States begins. Are we ready for a black or female president? A few months ago I considered voting for Hillary Clinton, after all the Clinton Adminstration was responsible for putting the U.S back on track. As First Lady, Hillary's contribution was not to be taken lightly.
Throughout the campaigns the Clinton's tactics became downright shameless.

Bill Clinton: As president he was a representative for the interest of the people not based on race and class but on some "let's makes things right shit". After his presidency he returned to the private sector with an office space in Harlem and continued to champion the cause
Human Interest.
(Clinton named head of U.N. tsunami rebuilding)

Now fast forward to 2008, my man has chosen to take it there. That's right.
His condescending remarks directed towards Obama and his acts of arrogance ("We got this Hilary, the African American vote is in the bag..."). It's insulting to the American public. This isn't a campaign based on race. The candidates have a responsibility to stick to the issues, If they're truly for the betterment of the American people it's time to step up because we're hurting.
BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Clinton, Obama, King and Johnson | PBS

Questioning Obama's experience and his message of hope is a slap in the face of the Human Rights movement as a whole. It's what people of color,women and whites fought for so that one day ANYONE who is capable of improving our society could do so with the combined support of the people. So Hillary I'm letting you (and Bill) know MY vote is not in the bag.


Big ups to Rontronik and Miss Ash

Always Bet on Blac!

I forgot about this development late last week, HAH HAH!
Wesley Snipes rides the Money Train Home after being aquited of tax evasion.


17-14 Crown Em.


and of course Great Catch Tyree!


Blac Noir(The Wire)

Omar and Brother Mouzone Face off
Old Western set in an Urban Landscape.


Sneaks of Week

Nike is commerating the Dunk Shoe line with its release of the
"Be True City Collection."

Source: Antenna Magazine

Oh I forgot to mention they're only 86 Pair being shipped per City.

I'm working on the Adidas stay tuned ^_^


Rontronik's MIX012608

It's been a Minute since we got a "MIX" from Rontronik so in true Conglomerate Fashion he's decided to hit you off with a some flavas some, pay close attention to the final 2 tracks.
Nuff Said!
Get the MP3 (you may need QuicktimePro to save to disk) here.
by Rontronik
total runtime = 00:53:22
1. Tessio by Luomo
2. Penthouse by Deep Blue
3. What Happened (Deep House Mix) by Abe Duque (feat. Blake Baxter)
4. Club Lonely by Lil Louis & The World
5. Paris Hilton by Mu
6. Happy Valentine (LFO Mix) by Miss Kittin
7. Mate Tron by Luke Vibert
8. Blue Screens by Mr. Velcro Fastener
9. Raw Dog by Audion
10. Steam by Paperclip People
11. Expensive Shit by Fela Kuti
12. Beau by Jimmy Edgar
13. Peace Of Mind by Claro Intelecto
14. Strings Of The Strings Of Life by Derrick May
15. Retina Flash by Rontronik
16. Sincerely by Rontronik