"Fresh for " 88-91" Rare Hip Hop mix

Last Friday at APT we bid farewell to Laura and Damon
and celebrated Donielle's B-day.
Sorry I didn't get enough pics in, I was too busy enjoying the music, Thanks D!

Check out Duanes 88-91 old school mix. DOWNLOAD HERE.
When my Man said it was Rare he wasn't lyin, enjoy.
"Fresh for " 88-91" Rare Hip Hop mix
Cold Crush Brothers-"We can do this"
Mikey D & The L.A. Posse-"Go for it"
Cool C-"Down to the Grissle"
Top Choice Clique-"Peace of mInd"
Hostyle-"Keep on movin"
The Rangers-"I'm Hot"
Alliance-"Oreo Cookie"
Kings of Swings-"Stop Jockin' James"
Stezo-"To the Max"
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud-"I gota good thing"
Latee & Dj Mark-"Puttin on the HIts"
Anttex-"Understand me Vanessa"
Fresh Gordon & The Jaz-"I believe in Music"
Derek B & EZ Q-"Rock The Beat"
Mark the 45 King-"Take me to the 45 King"
QBC-"This is called Hip Hop"
UBC-"UB style"

No mp3's we're used and harmed in any way while making this mix":)


ducati said...

thanks for bringing the hotness with the photos! They look really good :) See you soon in Milan, Love Laura & Damon

Blac Ren said...

I am there, like a finely tailored suit at an Armani fashion show.

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Blac Ren said...

Hey Thank you Much!
Stop by from time to time.
I'm working on something new in the coming months.