Sucka of the Week! Thanks a lot Lloyd Dobler(John Cusack)

It's because of you dudes thought serenading chicks outside their windows with Boomboxes and a Peter Gabriel song would get them some, but hey if they looked liked Ione Skye,(Remember cute girl with the lisp and a bangin body?) who wouldn't.
We still love you, ya Bitchass!

Say Anything 1989 Director: Cameron Crowe(20th Century Fox)

The artwork of Jason Levesque

Similar to the artwork of famed illustrator Milo Manara, Jason Levesque is a talented artist to be watched.
All images copyright 2006 Jason Levesque


The Minority Report is upon us.

Gizmodo.com Reports Microsost is set to release an interactive touch table
Dubbed The"Surface" five years in the making, it's set to establish a paradigm of what Microsoft calls "surface computers" which use touch as the sole method of input.
Painting with surface sounds particularly intuitive (and fun): you can use a paint brush or simply dip your fingers into virtual paint cups. Photo resizing and stacking works much like the iPhone's zoom gestures. Also cool is the capacity for multiple users.Such sweet tech comes at a price, naturally, with the units running $10,000 a pop. But, Microsoft expects prices to plummet over the next three to five years to the point they'll be in your homes. In the meantime you'll be able to play with them at T-Mobile stores, Harrah's and Sheraton hotels.

Check out an even cooler demo at perceptivepixel.com


Fuck it! I had to do this(Shake and Pop Nukkas)

Green Velvet:Shake and Pop

New Ladytron songs off the Soft Power Remixes EP

Click Pic for the Soft Power' (Vicarious Bliss Gutter mix)

Simian Mobile Disco video "I Believe"

The Clone Wars animated series trailer

Click Pic

Kanye's "You can't tell me nothing" Music Video

Kanye drops his video for "You can't tell me nothing"--- the first single from his 3rd album Graduation. The Hype Williams directed video borrows a lot from Madonna's Frozen directed by Wunderkind Chris Cunningham Hype why are you recycling shit and giving it back to the Hip-Hop community and what's up with the Lamborghini? Miss Ash what do you have to say?



"All My Friends(video)" was one my favorite songs off the Sound of Silver album.(mp3) The video took a different turn from what I envisioned but was a welcomed suprise.Oh yeah,Mr. Murphy i'm still Heated about what you said regarding Miles Davis in the Fader Article.


WTF is going on at Def Jam?(Another artist bites the dust.)

Lady Sovereign breaks down during a performance.
When Def Jam CEO Jay-Z signed a stable of new artists it showed promise that finally Hip-Hop's Mecca would no longer thrive on the fumes of past glory. After the whole Nas and Roots fiasco I thought Jay-Z was making amends. Shit!, the most promising release to come out of Def Jam Last year was Ghostface's Fishscales(mp3) and he got no support. Anyways back to Lady Sovereign, her performance at Studio B in Brooklyn made her seem like an escapee from the Def Jam Asylum. Instead of spitting on the mic she went into a rant about depression and bankruptcy. Damn Jigga what the fuck's going on over there? You're like Sylar in Heroes signing MC after MC, stealing their MC Powers and then burying them in the Depths of Def Jam. Jay, Hova, S.Carter wassup?
I think CAM's about to release another diss(mp3) record any day now, you're on some Galactus shit.


Terry Richardson "does" Jessica Alba

So what's all the hype behind Photographer Terry Richardson?
These days he's THE photographer of choice, shooting celebs and models too numerous to mention.Take a look at his recent photos spread with Jessica Alba in GQ Courtesy of GoldenFiddle.com


Whackass of the Week- Corny I mean Uffie

Ok, I will admit, I was a little excited when I saw that Discobelle (a mostly fabulous music blog), had posted some new tracks from Uffie. Afterall, “Pop the Glock” was kinda catchy in that talentless, uber -trendy, whitegirl rapping over cool beats sort of way. Though I’m no coroner, after listening to the two tracks (First Love.mp3) & (Brand New Car.mp3), I now pronounce Uffie’s “15 minutes”… officially over. ‘Nuff said.
Words by:Miss Ash


Peeps who are doin it.

Photo:Blac Ren
DJ Empress has been holding it down in the Drum and Bass Scene since the age of 17. In addition to being an accomplished DJ she's been doing her thing in the production game. Her song Brooklyn Baby was featured in The HBO film Life Support Starring Oscar Nominee Queen Latifah.Check out one of her tracks(Voyage.mp3). and for more here's her Myspace Page.


Originally uploaded by BlacRen.
Been a long time coming in no particular order.

First pic of Heath Ledger as The Joker

For all you Batman Fans. Here's the first pic of Heath Ledger as the Joker in the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.

Innita's Illustrations

bathgirl : selfportrait
Originally uploaded by innita.

Check out the Illustrations of Innita.

The Transformers Exclusive Trailer.

The Exclusive trailer for The Transformers is up. From the looks of it this might be the Blockbuster of the summer. Y'all probably sayin this is some Geek Shit but
Check it, IT'S FIYA, and Up to 1080P(HD)


In 2004 the Russian Sci-fi horror NIGHT WATCH was realeased,
Critics hailed it as breakthrough for Russian Film Director Timur Bekmambetov but depspite the acclaim it failed to do well stateside.Coming June 1st the second film of the trilogy DAY WATCH(Trailer here) will be on screens. Set in contemporary Moscow, DAY WATCH (DNEVNOI DOZOR) revolves around the conflict and balance maintained between the forces of light and darkness - the result of a medieval truce between the opposing sides.


Hot Chick of the Week

Amanda Blank gained notoriety for her lightning quick mic skills on Spank Rock's 2006 banger "Bump mp3". Featured on collabos with Pase Rock ("Sexy MF") and Plastic Little ("Crambodia mp3"), there's no doubt the wispy white Philly girl in acid washed jeans (and ghetto nails) can really hold it down.
Words By:Blac Ren,Miss Ash


Beautiful Agony

"Beautiful Agony is dedicated to the beauty of human orgasm, yet the only nudity it contains is from the neck up. That's where people are truly naked." -Beautifulagony.com

Beautiful Agony


Feist’s Reminder to Us: Real Talent Still Exists

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Without mentioning the extensive list of highly popular and highly untalented songstresses these days, there is one current singer who is deserving of real praise: Leslie Feist. With the quiet self-assurance and raw vocal talent of Lucinda Williams, Chrissie Hynde, Aimee Mann and Nathalie Merchant, Feist makes her own unique musical contribution.
After purchasing her 2004 album “Let It Die” only last summer, it was still on heavy rotation in the popular venue that is my apartment, until very recently. The album’s gut-wrenching but oh-so-satisfying title track particularly caught my ear and made me fall in love with Feist’s ability to take us down to the depths without ever drowning us in them.
Let It Diemp3
Already content with “Let It Die”, I found myself reluctantly moving on to her latest offering “The Reminder”, released this month on Polydor. After listening to “The Reminder” a number of times now, I no longer feel like one has to replace the other.
Starting off with the mellow, acoustic “So Sorry” Feist gently unfolds her soft staccato into the dramatically paused lyrics “We … don’t…need to say goodbye. We…don’t…need to fight and cry. We…we could…hold each other tight…tonight.”
“So Sorry”mp3
She moves into more poppy territory in the next two songs “I Feel It All” and “My Moon My man” and then back into two slow-burning ballads “The Park” and “The Water”. The rest of the album progresses in a similar fashion. “Limit To Your Love” somehow reminds me of Van Morrison and you can hear hints of so many other artistic influences in all of Feist’s song. The second to last song on the album “Honey Honey” stands out as well for it’s jazzy organ bass and backing vocals that sound like a creeping train sounding its horn through the darkness of night.
“Honey Honey"mp3
Although Feist’s lyrics are honest and thoughtful, they are really secondary to the message of her music, which is clearly conveyed with her voice alone. Best experienced on headphones, Feist will take you on a meandering journey through the whole emotional landscape. As soon as you get to the last song, you’ll want to do it again.
Words by :Music Contributor: Miss Ash

The Hiro Photoset

Blac Ren's Cap


Two more Star Wars films?

Do we really want to see them?
Fox 411 and Comingsoon.net is reporting Director George Lucas is set to make two more Star Wars Films.The films' storylines won't be set around the Skywalker family but a yet to be determined group of characters... let's just wait for The Clone Wars animated series.


Pat Yo Weave and Dust Yo Sleeve

Touring like mad, relative newcomers "Thunderheist" have burst into the ears of those in the know. Hailing from Canada and Comprised of MC Isis and DJ Grahm"Zilla", their sound conjures images of a cocksure yet playful MC Lyte in a spaceship (fueled by Grahm's infectious eletronic beats) heading to other planets. Their name is a play on the idea of "stealing the thunder" but it's hard to know who is the Thunder and who is the Heist in this case. Infact, with music this fresh, they may "Thunderheist" anyone who comes near them.
Words By:Miss Ash

Rontronik's "Eclectic sounds for the get-down."

The is the first Podcast of Blacrenderings, so we're going to start off with a chilled out mix from Rontronik.
Click pic for download

Dipset Split

Well folks it's official, there's a split within the Dipset Camp.
Apparently Jim Jones is going on record as having beef with Cam and Claims he hasn't spoken with him in a year.
You know Curtissssss is going to have something to say about all this.
Miss Info's got the rest of the scoop.


Sneaks of the Week_Spring Styliee

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Modern Day [REN]aissance.

Modern day [REN]aissance is found in the Oil paintings of Chinese artist
Guan Zeju.The realism of his paintings rivals artwork done with CGI.


Groove Armada's Get Down

Hearing the name Groove Armada brings back memories of LA in 2000.
Big Beat or whatever it was called back then populated the Airwaves.
The Armada is back, by popular demand i'm not sure but check out this video.

Hot Chick of the Week

Photo:Huy Doan
Contributors:Blac Ren, Miss ASH
This Ghetto Songtress MC from Chi-town has been quite popular lately and being featured in URB's "The Next 100" only helps matters. She keeps a busy schedule slinging baby clothes by day and slaying the MIC at night. Self-dubbed "high-yella" because her bi-racial parentage, the "Kid Sister" of Flosstradamus"isn't just following in big brother's footsteps but creating her own.
Did I mention she's also A-Trak's Wifey? With beauty and rapid fire, smartass lyrical content, she's a fine sista who needs to not only to be seen but heard.


Fight Night Cinco De Mayo

Pro Boxing's been wack for a long time now but tomorrow's Match-Up between De La Hoya and Mayweather may change that.
Uh.... on second thought check out Mayweather's Site.
Click the Pic

"Pocket-sized Pro DJ System"

The upcoming Pacemaker from European start-up Tonicum promises to contain all the necessary features for bringing your mixing skills on the road, including a crossfader, dual 3.5-millimeter stereo jacks, direct-to-hard drive recording, and a multifunction touchpad for adjusting bend and pitch, among others and it has both Mac and Windows support.

She's Locked Up!

Paris Hilton's about to do some time In the Clinker. "Phone Check Biatch"
Cick Photo for the TMZ.com Scoop

Sneaks of the week




The ED BANGER Crew steps it up again with another music video, this one is Justice's D.A.N.C.E.
Kanye they might stick it to you again. (Shout out to Ash for finding this one)

Bjork Live at Coachella

By now you've all heard about Bjork's performance at this year's Coachella Festival, SHE KILLED IT.
Check It. (Big ups to akiram for looking out)

Rontronik's new EP Coming Soon

Rontronik's solo debut on The Toshoklabs record label, it's first release in 6 years.


Ed Banger Night@Hiro

Ed Banger Night@Hiro
Originally uploaded by BlacRen.

Check it.


Originally uploaded by BlacRen.

Long overdue but not forgotten Quin's B-day at Von and Fish