"I'm Not There"(She's Not There)

She's Not There

After seeing "I'm Not There" yesterday, my reaction to the film as a whole was a mixture of "huh?" and "eh" plus "good music". I cannot, however, say enough about the frighteningly realistic portrayal of the "troubadour of conscience" by Ms. Blanchett. Her depiction of him at his most ornery was so seamless that it inspired the title of this little PSA. Is it possible to be more Dylan-like than the man himself?

Now for the PSA part:Go see this film before she wins the Oscar and you wonder what all the hoopla is about. Also because it is some of the best acting you will likely ever see.
Words by: Miss Ash

While trading music with my boy Joseph he blessed me with the Soundtrack to
I'm Not There.
It's two discs worth of music in tribute to Dylan. Happy Holidays to you all of you, enjoy.
Blac Ren
Download the full soundtrack here.


RANDOM: The Sculptures of Ron Mueck

Check out the Amazing Scupltures of Ron Mueck


Rontronik's Holiday Collection

Rontronik: Smartbomb Your Holiday is a compilation created by me for Smartbomb Creative Studio as an expression of gratitude to all of our clients, collaborators and cohorts... Thank you!

Here's the tracklisting with a few comments on each.

1. "Laugh Track" by Gosub
--- I first heard this track on a random music blog... liked it so much i bought the album... It represents all the positive happenings of the whole year for me.

2. "Last Chance On The Stairway" by Duran Duran
--- Duran Duran played this obscure song from the "Rio" album live as part of their latest tour, The Red Carpet Massacre. It was a part of the "Electro" Set - amazing!

3. "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West (featuring Dwele)
--- My favorite track from one of my favorite albums of the year.

4. "I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun" by Minnie Riperton
--- One of the "throw-back" songs on the compilation and one of my favorite songs of all time...

5. "She's Magma" by Rontronik
--- Taken from my first ever solo release...

6. "Earth Orbit One: Little Fluffy Clouds" by The Orb
--- Another of the "oldie-but-goodies" chosen for this compilation.

7. "15 Step" by Radiohead
--- A song that comes from an album represents the changing times in the music industry and stands as a flag-ship of sorts, of what is to come.

8. "Enrico" by Isolee
--- Dance...

9. "Banstyle/Sappys Curry" by Underworld
--- This is music for creative-types, especially since the group was a spin-off of the design team, Tomato.

10. "Scratch Your Name" by The Noisettes
--- The chorus goes "Scratch your name into the fabric of this world before you go.." 'Nuff said.

11. "Gatekeeper" by Feist
--- This blending of genres is out of sight, here...

12. "It's Your Touch (Ashley Beadle's Heavy Disco Edit)" by Black Ghosts
--- Probably one of the best dance tracks out right now... Love-filled, fun , yet, NOT cheese-ball.

13. "Stop Me" by Mark Ronson (featuring Daniel Merriweather)
--- One of my favorite Smiths songs covered fantastically...

14. "Rolling Down The Hills" by Glass Candy
--- Lay back. Chill...

15. "The Answer Is Yes (12 inch Version)" by Justus Kohncke
--- The title of the song says it all...

Download Here
NOTE: the download is a .zip file containing the tracks which are .m4a (aac) format music files - compatible with itunes.


The Dewar's Party

So I get this text message from Skim asking me if I want to go to a party.
In typical Skim fashion she says"answer yes or no?"
Of course out of curiosity I text back yes, she tells me to stay by the phone and await another text for a secret location. Well this is what went down at that very secret location.

Download hi-res or Hi res Slideshow here.


Snoop Dogg for L'uomo Vogue

Is The world is ready for a Sensual Eruption?
Big-Up's to Gary ST. Clare


Ike Turner R.I.P

Ike Turner: reviled and revered

The singer-bandleader's life could almost be defined as 'Rivers Deep and Mountains High.'
By Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
December 14, 2007
CULTURAL icons can't choose what they come to represent. Ike Turner was an icon; that was his burden and his punishment. Loving him was not a possibility for many who discovered his genius after his repellent secrets had been revealed. Appreciating him requires coming to terms with the double bind of rock and soul-era sexuality, a liberating force underpinned by racism, female objectification and machismo.
Click Here for the rest of this article

Love him or hate him Ike's contribution to music will not be forgotten.
As for Tina we all know how she "ROLLS"

Big-ups to Jamal for the Pic


Afrika Bambaataa@APT

It's been awhile since I've posted any photosets(my point and shoot broke).
I got a new one and decided to start with the King of the Zulu Nation and Duane from Negroclash who hosts a monthly at Apt. Download High Quality Here.
Yo Ibeat we missed you that night but with good reason, congrats
on the birth of Sequoia



Here's to the "pillowcase destroyin' muthafukka's"
This is what it's all about, givin em sensual eruptions...
Check these!
Honorable Mention to my Boy Duane



Ibeat's Podcast

Ibeat title
Ibeat's first DIRTY RAT PACK podcast click here:
A little quick blurb about my musical taste: Im that dude who likes to expand my crew's knowledge of all things pop culture and knowledge I find interesting. My peers and I grew up on several styles of music -hiphop/house/reggae/rock/metal/pop/salsa/meregenue. It was the sound of the streets. It was when I went to college that I started to appreciate music as a passion and not trend. I started to seek new sounds with a insatiable appetite, becoming an eclectic sound monster. Let my music selection be a testament.
Download Ibeat's Track description here.


No Country For Old Men


Under the shadow of cowboys lurks the hand of God.

So just what exactly is going on under the hood of the new Coen brothers film "No Country for Old Men"? Many people are walking out of the theater just as lost and confused as Tommy Lee Jones character is in the film. That's not too surprising really as he is the character set up for all of us to identify with anyway... the hero. Is he a hero though? Does he actually do anything? Just an observer? Who is Anton Chigurh (played by Javier Badem) and what is his relationship with Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (played by Jones)? In the film, Jones character says, "You'd think a man that had waited eighty some odd years on God to come into his life, well, you'd think he'd come" (quoted from the book, not the film so there may be a slight difference in text). The irony is, that in "No Country for Old Men", God does in fact come... only Jones' character is a bit too daft to see it that way.

In the film, Anton Chigurh is the only non-human element in the film. He's more or less a killing machine that has two purposes: kill anyone who crosses him and let chance decide the fate of everyone else around him. What is directly revealed though is that Anton IS fate. Despite some casual damage throughout the film his character does not, and most likely will not ever, die. There is only one moment in the film whereupon the "hero" Ed Tom crosses Anton. For reasons left unexplained Anton leaves and doesn't kill Ed Tom. The two don't even engage. Fate is cast aside. Why? God.

-Chvad SB
Chvad performs with the band "THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN" (www.outside-the-skin.com) and runs the online music community