Ike Turner R.I.P

Ike Turner: reviled and revered

The singer-bandleader's life could almost be defined as 'Rivers Deep and Mountains High.'
By Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
December 14, 2007
CULTURAL icons can't choose what they come to represent. Ike Turner was an icon; that was his burden and his punishment. Loving him was not a possibility for many who discovered his genius after his repellent secrets had been revealed. Appreciating him requires coming to terms with the double bind of rock and soul-era sexuality, a liberating force underpinned by racism, female objectification and machismo.
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Love him or hate him Ike's contribution to music will not be forgotten.
As for Tina we all know how she "ROLLS"

Big-ups to Jamal for the Pic


Anonymous said...

dangggggg her legs!!!

Anonymous said...

Fa Real!!!!!
Ike was trippin!