The X-Box 360 or PS3?

I've been holding out on purchasing a Next Gen system.
The Xbox 360 was clearly my first choice but with the Blu-Ray HD-DVD format wars put to rest the PS3 might be the way to go. After seeing the trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII I'm feeling nostalgic for the old Final Fantasy VII days.
PEEP the trailer, your advice on which Next Gen system I should go with is welcomed.


Hillary: Bitter Much?

Last night's debate provided more entertaining moments
The Tape Don't Lie

The Farrakhan Question: WTF? While you're at it Tim Russert throw a turban on the table and ask Obama if he is in fact Osama.
"SHAME ON YOU" for pulling that card, I'm surprised he didn't ask Hillary if she'd take a week off every month as President of the United States for "Feminine Issues." Folks need to chill and stick to the Issues, this should not be about Gender or Race.


Skimkim's Catering Website Launch

Skimkim launched her website early last week.
The recipes she's been doing for Blacrenderings have been well recieved.
So If you any of you guys are looking for a Catering Service you know where to go.


THE WIRE: Foreshadowing in season 3

For those of us who watch The Wire the question on our minds is what's going to happen to Omar?(Tonight we find out.)
Some of you may already know, but what's interesting is that way back in season three
(Season 3: Episode "Dead Soldiers") there's some foreshadowing going on. Pay attention to the kids that Bunk is observing and how the scene plays out. Hmmm is that a young Kenard trying to wrestle the stick from his fellow playmate who is pretending to be Omar?

One Shall Fall:Posted Today 2/25/08 CONTAINS SPOILER WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Footage Property of Home Box Office.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Commercial.

For all of you who waited for the Drums in Phill Collins's In The Air Tonight.
From this point forward step your game up.
Good Looking Gunseller for this one.
Click Pic


The Artwork of Chris Cox

Chris Cox has created a series of Posters free for distribution during the Obama Campaign. His Designs are HOT!.


The Conglomerate Presents

Yesterday you got DJ Duane's Valentine's Day Mix.

Next Up: Rontronik's Map Of Two Hearts Mix.(Originally Mixed in 2000)

A Map of Two Hearts (ILHBWTMAFTTH Mix)
Download iTunes Mix here
Movement I
1. Save Me by Nina Simone
2. Bonnie And Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg w/ Brigette Bardot
3. One Way Ride by Hooverphonic
4. Gathering Memory by Detroit Escalator Co.
5. World In My Eyes by Depeche Mode
Movement II
6. Cups by Underworld
7. La Guitaristic House Organisation by Rinocerose
8. Terrible Funk by Breakbeat Era
9. Gridlock by Ram Trilogy
10. Warhead (Ram Trilogy Mix) by Krust
11. Vegas by Peshay
12. Concealed Identity by Source Direct
13. Shining Down by Goldie
Movement III
14. Blade Runner Love Theme by Vangelis
15. Ten To Twenty by Sneaker Pimps
16. God only Knows by Cornelius
17. Sparks Are Gonna Fly by Catherine Wheel

Blac Ren's Broken Hearts Mix
iTunes Download with Album Art Here
Regular MP3 Download here
10cc_I'm not in love
Protection_Massive Attack Feat.Tracy Thorne
Marvin Gaye_ I Want You(Vocal)
Beck_Broken Drum_Boards of Canada Remix(Post 90's)
Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige_All I Need
Daft Punk_Something About us(Post 90's)
Sade_Hang On To Your Love
Culture Club_Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
Bjork_Violently Happy
The Police_Every Breath You Take
Prince and The Revolution_The Beautiful Ones
The Wannadies_You and Me Song

DJ Duane Harriott's "Love in the afternoon v-day party jam mix"

Valentines day is dropping a little early on Blac Renderings.
To set it off here's DJ Duane Harriott's "Love in the afternoon v-day party jam mix"

Just a little mix of some of my favorite loverman jams.
Nothin' too rare or hard-to find. Just somethin' to bounce, ride, chillout, or makeout to.

I deejay and host one of the best-kept-secrets of the weekend called Tha Get UP! @ APT every 1st Friday of the month. I'm also one half of the BIm Marx, the other half being Jorge Velez aka Prof. Genius. Look for some forthcoming releases in the next few months from us!
One <3

Track Listing
Al B. Sure-"oooh this love is so"
Force Md's-"Love is a house"
Bernard Wright_"who do youlove"
Mary Jane Girls-"All Night Long"
Mary J. Blige-"Love no limit"
Little River Band-"reminiscing"
Samantha Sang & BeeGees-"Emotion"
William Devaugn-"Be thankful for what you got"
Sister Sledge-"Thinkin' of you"
Bill Whithers-"Lovely Day"
Syreeta-"I love every little thing about you"
-----Bedroom ETA------------------------------------
RFTW_"Love you down"
Silk-"Freak me" (Apologies for the glitch)
Aaliyah-"One in a million"(Darkchild rmx)
SOS Band-"Weekend Girl"
Tony Toni Tone-"It never rains in Southern California"
Atlantic Starr-"Touch a four leaf clover"
Up Next! Rontronik's A Map of Two Hearts Mix


The 2008 Grammy Awards: Kanye West

You know after Kanye's acceptance speech our Miss. Ash was going to have something to say...

Miss Ash:
Although he had no reason to throw a full-on tantrum this time, Kanye West still managed to act like a complete douche at the 2008 Grammy Awards last night. How you gonna scold the entire Grammy orchestra in the name of “good taste”? Irony much?

Listen Kanye - you won an award just like all the other winners. We all know it is not in your vocabulary to humbly accept the award and keep it moving. But how about you thank Mama FIRST and THEN find time for redundant assertions about entitlement and what not? That way, the cheesy orchestra music only cuts into your self-aggrandizement and not your “tribute” to your mother.

Watch the clip below for evidence of Mr. West's boundless arrogance and complete absence of tact. Then watch Vince Gill’s hilarious and well-timed clowning in response:

(This vid was put together by some joker on youtube but it's funny and shows all the original footage.)

(I have a feeling we'll be hearing something about Vince Gill or country music on the next Kanye album.)

I asked Miss Ash if she was secretly crushing on my boy Kanye, that is not the case.
Stay tuned the Beef Continues.

Sneaks of the Week

Courtesy of Sneaker Freaker and Supra



If any of you watched the Super Bowl, I KNOW my NY peeps did.
You probably saw the trailer for Wanted the new film by Russian Director Timur Bekmambatov. Wanted is based on the Graphic Novel penned by Mark Millar and features Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy , Morgan Freeman and Common. It's looking pretty dope( but are folks ready for another Matrix?) Shot with the new RED Camera; Techies are calling it the harbinger of digital filmmaking in the independent film industry.

The Star Trek Teaser on the header of Cloverfield was the highlight of the film, yes Ron I stand by that statement ;).


Obama in 2008

On the eve of Super Tuesday the Litmus Test for the citizens of the United States begins. Are we ready for a black or female president? A few months ago I considered voting for Hillary Clinton, after all the Clinton Adminstration was responsible for putting the U.S back on track. As First Lady, Hillary's contribution was not to be taken lightly.
Throughout the campaigns the Clinton's tactics became downright shameless.

Bill Clinton: As president he was a representative for the interest of the people not based on race and class but on some "let's makes things right shit". After his presidency he returned to the private sector with an office space in Harlem and continued to champion the cause
Human Interest.
(Clinton named head of U.N. tsunami rebuilding)

Now fast forward to 2008, my man has chosen to take it there. That's right.
His condescending remarks directed towards Obama and his acts of arrogance ("We got this Hilary, the African American vote is in the bag..."). It's insulting to the American public. This isn't a campaign based on race. The candidates have a responsibility to stick to the issues, If they're truly for the betterment of the American people it's time to step up because we're hurting.
BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Clinton, Obama, King and Johnson | PBS

Questioning Obama's experience and his message of hope is a slap in the face of the Human Rights movement as a whole. It's what people of color,women and whites fought for so that one day ANYONE who is capable of improving our society could do so with the combined support of the people. So Hillary I'm letting you (and Bill) know MY vote is not in the bag.


Big ups to Rontronik and Miss Ash

Always Bet on Blac!

I forgot about this development late last week, HAH HAH!
Wesley Snipes rides the Money Train Home after being aquited of tax evasion.


17-14 Crown Em.


and of course Great Catch Tyree!