The art of Neck Face

I must admit that until somewhat recently I viewed “graffiti” as nothing more than the thoughtless yet selfish doodles of bored teenagers who felt powerless in the world. Well, maybe that’s partly true still but I have since gained an appreciation for the sentiment behind it and the artistry as well.

Although it pains me to see bright pink scrawl across the glass surfaces of the new bus stops in my neighborhood, I do appreciate a well-placed and funny F.U. to the “establishment” at times. Enter Neck Face. Born in the mid 80s in Stockton, California and inspired by death-metal, Neck Face’s goblins, monsters, hairy arms and slogans can be seen all over NYC, San Francisco and Tokyo. Alongside his drawings you’ll notice his name written in a child-like scrawl and dripping menacingly. Provoking both laughter and fear, Neck Face is well-known both because of the volume of his pieces as well as his originality and dark humor. It’s just hard to hate the guy.
Words by: Miss Ash


The Blacrenderings Podcast series Rontronik Mix 0022207b

Here's another Blacrenderings Podcast, courtesy of Rontronik. This time i've made it interactive. He's listed a few of his faves that you can click on when playing in iTunes that will link you to its info. Just make sure the album art can be viewed in your iTunes player.
1. Lady Cab Driver by Prince and The Revolution
2. Window Licker by Aphex Twin
3. Bounce That by Girl Talk
4. Wave Jumper by Drexciya •••• favorite••••
5. Prepare To Energize by Torch Song •••• favorite••••
6. Home Computer by Kraftwerk
7. Chromed Out by Ectomorph
8. We're Back by LFO
9. Just Can't Get Enough (Dirty South Remix) by Depeche Mode
10. Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Circuits Remix) by The Knife
11. Electric Kingdom by Twilight 22 •••• favorite••••
12. Numbers by Kraftwerk
13. Gold Lion (Diplo Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeah's
14. Twist (Jacque Lu Cont Remix) by Goldfrapp
15. Lindsay Lohan by Spank Rock
16. My Legendary Girlfriend by Pulp
17. Tour De France by Kraftwerk


Interpol 30sec Promos for the new album OUR LOVE TO ADMIRE

Check out The 30sec Promos for the new Interpol album.
Courtesy of Stereogum.

For all of them click the stereogum link
Contributor: Rontronik

Bat for Lashes music video

Here's a cool find courtey of Miss Ash.
Bat for Lashes "What's a girl to do"


Chicks of the Week

1.Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years.2.Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks. and 3.The trio from a Different World, Denise Huxtable,Freddie Brooks and Whitley Gilbert. These Ladies often proved to be a lot of work for the Geeks who had crushes on them. Winne Cooper had Kevin Arnold stressed for years and he came up short when she left town and got married. Denise the problemed child from the Huxtable clan moved out on her own, providing new headaches for Dwayne Wayne the math genius at Hillman College. Freddie the quirky freespirit who got no play from Dwayne because he was too busy chasing Whitley. Last but not least we have the coolest chick of the group Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks the army coat wearing hottie who at the end of the day you knew had your back.

Sneaks of the Week



The new Batman suit revealed

Entertainment Weekly gives us a sneak peek at Batman's new suit in "The Dark Knight".
Contributor:Rontronik Photo:Stephen Vaughn


Some Random Shit.

So I was talking to a friend about the use of the word Jive and this is what it reminded me of.

The Royal Tenenbaums: Buena Vista Pictures,2001 Director: Wes Anderson

Tony will always have to look over his shoulder.

The Sopranos goes out with a BLACK...(screen that is). The final episodes left us wondering each week: will Tony finally meet his demise? Will a close family member be a casualty in the feud between Tony and Phil? The ending was suitable, in my opinion down to the last frame. We were pulled into Tony's world for one last time, losing control of both his families, always having to look over his shoulder, never knowing when his luck would run out. When would he have to pay the piper? What started out as a glorification of the mob life actually left us feeling pity for characters like Paulie (The Insecure Wannabe) and Uncle Junior, a man robbed of his role as head of the family only to be debilitated by Alzheimer's. (I think he's faking, by the way.) All good things come to end, but with the Sopranos we'll never really know if it's a good one but "Don't Stop Believing"(mp3). Your Thoughts??
Photo: Will Hart/HBO


I am Legend Trailer

I am Legend's has the most expensive SCENE in movie history?
IGN's Paul Davidson Reports at $150 million, Will Smith's I Am Legend will probably be the most expensive vampire flick ever filmed. The filmmakers chose to film this scene on location over the course of six nights in January, costing a minimum of $5 million, the cooperation of 14 government agencies, a crew of 250, and a cast of 1,000 extras.
The New York mayor's office is trumpeting I Am Legend as the biggest picture ever to be made from start to finish in the Big Apple.

The Music Videos of Michel Gondry

Here's a cool find, The Michel Gondry Video Group.
It has a majority of the director's music videos.


UGK International Players Anthem

Dem Atl boys are back with some advice for you aspiring playas

The iPhone your thoughts??

I'm sure all of you know the iPhone drops on the June 29th, are you getting it?
If not, why?


Chicks of the week(The Retro-Throwback Steeze)

This week I decided to take it back to the Classic Beauties of the 60's and 70's.Pam Grier, Catherine Deneuve, Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch, these women personified the decades they were a part of. They were sensual,liberated and most of all had class. (and oh they had no problem stuffing their faces with a Sandwich) They make me want to dust off my Rat Pack Get Up and sing show tunes like Sammy, Frank and Dean rolling on the Vegas Strip with them in tow.

The art of Stella Im Hultberg

Self-described “painter and drawer” on her website stellaimhultberg.com, the artist was born in Seoul, South Korea and was raised in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She came to the United States to study Industrial Design at California State University. After that, she designed furniture, products and toys. She has since moved to New York City with her husband and spends her time now on drawing. She has been showing her drawings in various galleries around the country since the fall of 2005.

Her delicate and evocative artwork is done with ink and oil on tea-stained paper. She tends to draw wafish yet strong, raven-haired women alone or as siblings that seem twin-like. About her pieces she says, “I think of them as a slice of a moment, revealing very private emotions and dreams.” Some originals and prints are for sale on her site and through the galleries themselves. Get them before she blows up and cannot be afforded by everyday folks like you and me.
Words by:Miss Ash

Sneaks of the week

Cotributors:Prolific& Blac Ren


Hiro Photoset(Ladytron Night)

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Beans & iBeat the photo set

Check out photos taken during Beans & iBeats performances

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