Tony will always have to look over his shoulder.

The Sopranos goes out with a BLACK...(screen that is). The final episodes left us wondering each week: will Tony finally meet his demise? Will a close family member be a casualty in the feud between Tony and Phil? The ending was suitable, in my opinion down to the last frame. We were pulled into Tony's world for one last time, losing control of both his families, always having to look over his shoulder, never knowing when his luck would run out. When would he have to pay the piper? What started out as a glorification of the mob life actually left us feeling pity for characters like Paulie (The Insecure Wannabe) and Uncle Junior, a man robbed of his role as head of the family only to be debilitated by Alzheimer's. (I think he's faking, by the way.) All good things come to end, but with the Sopranos we'll never really know if it's a good one but "Don't Stop Believing"(mp3). Your Thoughts??
Photo: Will Hart/HBO

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