Some Random Shit.

So I was talking to a friend about the use of the word Jive and this is what it reminded me of.

The Royal Tenenbaums: Buena Vista Pictures,2001 Director: Wes Anderson


Anonymous said...

Setty, though most of our dialogue seems to be contentious, I have to say this is brilliant. Great use of one of the best movies to illuminate the topic at hand. ~Lili

Blac Ren said...

Who's Setty this is Blac Ren's Blog piece, recognize! (now that's Contentious) `Blac Ren~

Anonymous said...

Dear Blac Ren, So as not to elevate the level of contentiousness I will only say thank you for the clarification. I crawl out from my cave as often as the cicadas do, so this whole techno/blog thang escapes me. ~Lil' Lil

Random said...

Hah! now that it's clear please partake of the techno/blog thang.
Holla at ya Boy ~Blac Ren~

Anonymous said...

gene hackman has been in every movie ever made since the dawn of film.

Jew Ren