The art of Neck Face

I must admit that until somewhat recently I viewed “graffiti” as nothing more than the thoughtless yet selfish doodles of bored teenagers who felt powerless in the world. Well, maybe that’s partly true still but I have since gained an appreciation for the sentiment behind it and the artistry as well.

Although it pains me to see bright pink scrawl across the glass surfaces of the new bus stops in my neighborhood, I do appreciate a well-placed and funny F.U. to the “establishment” at times. Enter Neck Face. Born in the mid 80s in Stockton, California and inspired by death-metal, Neck Face’s goblins, monsters, hairy arms and slogans can be seen all over NYC, San Francisco and Tokyo. Alongside his drawings you’ll notice his name written in a child-like scrawl and dripping menacingly. Provoking both laughter and fear, Neck Face is well-known both because of the volume of his pieces as well as his originality and dark humor. It’s just hard to hate the guy.
Words by: Miss Ash

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