The art of Stella Im Hultberg

Self-described “painter and drawer” on her website stellaimhultberg.com, the artist was born in Seoul, South Korea and was raised in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She came to the United States to study Industrial Design at California State University. After that, she designed furniture, products and toys. She has since moved to New York City with her husband and spends her time now on drawing. She has been showing her drawings in various galleries around the country since the fall of 2005.

Her delicate and evocative artwork is done with ink and oil on tea-stained paper. She tends to draw wafish yet strong, raven-haired women alone or as siblings that seem twin-like. About her pieces she says, “I think of them as a slice of a moment, revealing very private emotions and dreams.” Some originals and prints are for sale on her site and through the galleries themselves. Get them before she blows up and cannot be afforded by everyday folks like you and me.
Words by:Miss Ash


joseph said...

Have you seen this girl's art before? She awesome.


Anonymous said...

Yea I noticed that their art is quite similar. They were just part of a 5 woman show in Cali called "Smitten".

you can check it out:


Miss Ash

Blac Ren said...

What up Joseph if you got anymore artists let a brotha know.