Skim's Smash N' Burn S'mores

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Smash N' Burn S'mores

This is the first edition of many on blacrender.blogspot.com so start payin attention. I know that many of you have no clue how to cook (or clean) so this is your chance to learn. And impress the ladies or your friends. *If any of you can Seal-A-Deal with my help, please let me know. All of my renderings will be as easy as I can make them so don't whine if "It's toooo haaaarrd, Sam." Whining's not cute, especially from dudes.

It's summer. If you aren't from the city, you may have gone campin with your folks, boy scouts, girl scouts (my sis and I were kicked out of Brownies for not making the selling cookie quota, really, we did not give a fuck). If not, you should have at least experienced some type of big ass fire to roast things, dead cats and cans of gas dont count. Im talking about hot dogs and marshmallows, pyromaniacs.

I LOVE grilled hot dogs, my fave summer treat, but S'mores are more of a Deal Sealer so I'm gonna give you guys a Pyromaniac/TemperTantrum recipe–Smash N' Burn S'mores,Download Here.

As you can see, we celebrated Independence Day in style, as always. I love this red jumper...any designers who want their stuff up, lace me and I promise I'll give you a shout! I'll also be givin you a soundtrack bc seriously, you have to set the mood. For Smash N' Burn, we were girlin' out to some old skool hip hop and stuff with GangStarr, Das EFX, CeCe Peniston and Evelyn Champagne King. Loooove.



When MC Pearl Dragon friend requested me on Myspace I thought to myself
"Oh no, another no-talent band request". Then I went to his page
(www.myspace.com/thepearldragon), listened to his tracks and saw Spank
Rock MC Naeem Juwan's full endorsement. I see why. Pearl was asked to
open the West coast leg of Spank Rock's tour. Here is a Q & A with the
up-and-coming wordsmith:

Q: Can you explain the story of how you met up with Spank Rock?

A: We met in a Seattle after-hours sneaking in back stage to get at
the Grey Goose Vodka. I went back there and met him and told him to go
to the Egg Room and he said he was already djing there. We met up and
started rapping, talking about music, freestyling a little bit. I said
we should keep in contact so we kept in contact. Then they were having
a West Coast tour, so me and my boy, Thomas (Gray), were invited to
tour with them after corresponding back and forth about music. It's
normally not that easy. Those guys are good folks.

Q: What's it like being a hip hop artist coming out of seattle? is
there a scene there?

A: Seattle hip hop has been around for a long time but it's been more
underground. It finally now is emerging more and a lot of MC's are
making headway and getting themselves out there and heard. Definitely a
potent scene but it is so far up North that it hasn't been as
accessible to other areas. It's pretty good to be an artist from

Q: What is your favorite album of all time?

A: Outkast ATLiens

Q: If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

A: Laura Zucker. She's the illest female rapper from Seattle...EVER!
or Quincy Jones.

Q: Being from Seattle, who was your favorite grunge band and song?

A: Definitely would have to be Nirvana - Lithium. I use it in Seattle
Anthem, "...Sunday mornings everyday for all I care, and I'm not
scared, light my candles in a daze cause I found God in my head."

Q: Funniest/weirdest thing that's ever happened at a performance?

A: At a show in Portland a guy fainted from touching my hand. It was
like a Bible revival. We made teenage girls faint and start crying as
Words by Miss Ash



100 of the Greatest Rap and Hip-Hop Songs

Some of you know I lost all my music when my hardrive crashed, so now I've been steady downloading shit, Anyways on one of the Torrents here's what I found.
100 of the Greatest Rap and Hip-Hop songs(click here for download.) and add to your playlists You may have beef of what may or may not be on here so speak your mind. In the meantime enjoy the the download. Its a biggie, no pun intended.

One of my Fav Hip Hop Songs(Thanks for reminding me Andy)


Sneaks of the Week

Sneaks 7-17-07
Check out the the Prodigy Vid below, there you can find some of the kicks featured in Sneaks of the Week from time to time.


Blac Renderings Video Podcast.

This is the first of the video podcasts i'll be working on from time to time.
Just drop this file in your itunes or play here.
Prodigy is a sneaker spot on the Lower Eastside, for those of you Supreme,DQM, and Classic Kicks heads don't sleep on Prodigy.Their merchandise is on point and won't break your bank. Check it!


Hugo Arcier

Click Pic for Videos

Check out the artwork of Hugo Arcier

American Gangster

Denzel Washington has been a favorite thespian of my mine for quite some time. I have to admit though his roles since Training Day disappointed me. They all seemed monotone with no great stretches in his performances.
Until now!
American Gangster looks to cement Washington's place as one of the great actors of our generation(2nd only to Wesley Snipes). The Ridley Scott Gangster Epic also stars fellow Academy Award Winner Russel Crowe. It takes place in 70's Harlem and tells the story of the rise and fall of Frank Lucas a true Uptown OG.

Kitsune Comp. 4 Limited Download

French label Kitsune has put out 4 electro-indie (I think I’ll call it “eclectro”) compilations. So far, number 4 is my favorite. When I first heard it, the version I had was just a promo mix and the songs were in a different order and flowed really well. The last song was “Be My Friend” by Darkel (aka Jean-Benoit Dunckel of Air). Its quirky 80’s hairband guitar effects mixed with a slightly Asian flourish behind Dunckel’s demure and lispy croonings about eternal friendship was a sweet finish to a really dope mix. On the complete Maison 4, “Be My Friend” is actually first and I’m not sure it works as well there. Either way, it is still a great song in my book.

Some other highlights include the Boys Noize bangin’ remix of Feist’s sultry and upbeat “My Moon My Man”, Adam Sky’s remix of the annoyingly infectious “La Musique” by Riot in Belgium (it really jumps off after the 1:23 mark into some French chic semi-rapping sexily), Punks Jump Up’s “Dance to Our Disco” breaks out with punk/funk mayhem that evokes the Stray Cats without the kitsch and finally Toronto duo Crystal Castles “Knights” which is probably my favorite track on the whole compilation. It is spacey, hiccupy and somewhat surly. Just the way I like my music. Check it out:DOWNLOAD WHOLE COMPILATION BY CLICKING PIC. WORDS BY:Miss Ash


Daft Punk Live at Coachella 2006

Click Pic for the full download(for best results use Firefox or Safari and save to disk)
I'm sure most of you heard about Daft Punk's set at Coachella back in 2006,folks couldn't stop talking about it. Well here's a rare find the whole set for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy and have something to look forward to when they come to nyc.Here's a sample the shit is hot my friends.

A Family Affair

Here's the Photoset for Beans at Hiro.
For full quality click Here