Skim's Smash N' Burn S'mores

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Smash N' Burn S'mores

This is the first edition of many on blacrender.blogspot.com so start payin attention. I know that many of you have no clue how to cook (or clean) so this is your chance to learn. And impress the ladies or your friends. *If any of you can Seal-A-Deal with my help, please let me know. All of my renderings will be as easy as I can make them so don't whine if "It's toooo haaaarrd, Sam." Whining's not cute, especially from dudes.

It's summer. If you aren't from the city, you may have gone campin with your folks, boy scouts, girl scouts (my sis and I were kicked out of Brownies for not making the selling cookie quota, really, we did not give a fuck). If not, you should have at least experienced some type of big ass fire to roast things, dead cats and cans of gas dont count. Im talking about hot dogs and marshmallows, pyromaniacs.

I LOVE grilled hot dogs, my fave summer treat, but S'mores are more of a Deal Sealer so I'm gonna give you guys a Pyromaniac/TemperTantrum recipe–Smash N' Burn S'mores,Download Here.

As you can see, we celebrated Independence Day in style, as always. I love this red jumper...any designers who want their stuff up, lace me and I promise I'll give you a shout! I'll also be givin you a soundtrack bc seriously, you have to set the mood. For Smash N' Burn, we were girlin' out to some old skool hip hop and stuff with GangStarr, Das EFX, CeCe Peniston and Evelyn Champagne King. Loooove.



Anonymous said...

goddamn...I'm makin these for my BBQ on sunday. werd.

Anonymous said...

I want to throw my face into those smores!!