When MC Pearl Dragon friend requested me on Myspace I thought to myself
"Oh no, another no-talent band request". Then I went to his page
(www.myspace.com/thepearldragon), listened to his tracks and saw Spank
Rock MC Naeem Juwan's full endorsement. I see why. Pearl was asked to
open the West coast leg of Spank Rock's tour. Here is a Q & A with the
up-and-coming wordsmith:

Q: Can you explain the story of how you met up with Spank Rock?

A: We met in a Seattle after-hours sneaking in back stage to get at
the Grey Goose Vodka. I went back there and met him and told him to go
to the Egg Room and he said he was already djing there. We met up and
started rapping, talking about music, freestyling a little bit. I said
we should keep in contact so we kept in contact. Then they were having
a West Coast tour, so me and my boy, Thomas (Gray), were invited to
tour with them after corresponding back and forth about music. It's
normally not that easy. Those guys are good folks.

Q: What's it like being a hip hop artist coming out of seattle? is
there a scene there?

A: Seattle hip hop has been around for a long time but it's been more
underground. It finally now is emerging more and a lot of MC's are
making headway and getting themselves out there and heard. Definitely a
potent scene but it is so far up North that it hasn't been as
accessible to other areas. It's pretty good to be an artist from

Q: What is your favorite album of all time?

A: Outkast ATLiens

Q: If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

A: Laura Zucker. She's the illest female rapper from Seattle...EVER!
or Quincy Jones.

Q: Being from Seattle, who was your favorite grunge band and song?

A: Definitely would have to be Nirvana - Lithium. I use it in Seattle
Anthem, "...Sunday mornings everyday for all I care, and I'm not
scared, light my candles in a daze cause I found God in my head."

Q: Funniest/weirdest thing that's ever happened at a performance?

A: At a show in Portland a guy fainted from touching my hand. It was
like a Bible revival. We made teenage girls faint and start crying as
Words by Miss Ash


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