100 of the Greatest Rap and Hip-Hop Songs

Some of you know I lost all my music when my hardrive crashed, so now I've been steady downloading shit, Anyways on one of the Torrents here's what I found.
100 of the Greatest Rap and Hip-Hop songs(click here for download.) and add to your playlists You may have beef of what may or may not be on here so speak your mind. In the meantime enjoy the the download. Its a biggie, no pun intended.

One of my Fav Hip Hop Songs(Thanks for reminding me Andy)



akiram said...

oh, man. i forgot about so many of these! i dont agree with the order at all though..

Blac Ren said...

Do you have any additions?
Hope you enjoy.

mark said...

Had Self D on wax, Daddy O was my favorite part...can't seem to find any Stet on the net any more you got in full gear? Also I still owe you a B-Day drink...let's make it happen or else you will be heading for self destruction...