Kitsune Comp. 4 Limited Download

French label Kitsune has put out 4 electro-indie (I think I’ll call it “eclectro”) compilations. So far, number 4 is my favorite. When I first heard it, the version I had was just a promo mix and the songs were in a different order and flowed really well. The last song was “Be My Friend” by Darkel (aka Jean-Benoit Dunckel of Air). Its quirky 80’s hairband guitar effects mixed with a slightly Asian flourish behind Dunckel’s demure and lispy croonings about eternal friendship was a sweet finish to a really dope mix. On the complete Maison 4, “Be My Friend” is actually first and I’m not sure it works as well there. Either way, it is still a great song in my book.

Some other highlights include the Boys Noize bangin’ remix of Feist’s sultry and upbeat “My Moon My Man”, Adam Sky’s remix of the annoyingly infectious “La Musique” by Riot in Belgium (it really jumps off after the 1:23 mark into some French chic semi-rapping sexily), Punks Jump Up’s “Dance to Our Disco” breaks out with punk/funk mayhem that evokes the Stray Cats without the kitsch and finally Toronto duo Crystal Castles “Knights” which is probably my favorite track on the whole compilation. It is spacey, hiccupy and somewhat surly. Just the way I like my music. Check it out:DOWNLOAD WHOLE COMPILATION BY CLICKING PIC. WORDS BY:Miss Ash

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