The 2008 Grammy Awards: Kanye West

You know after Kanye's acceptance speech our Miss. Ash was going to have something to say...

Miss Ash:
Although he had no reason to throw a full-on tantrum this time, Kanye West still managed to act like a complete douche at the 2008 Grammy Awards last night. How you gonna scold the entire Grammy orchestra in the name of “good taste”? Irony much?

Listen Kanye - you won an award just like all the other winners. We all know it is not in your vocabulary to humbly accept the award and keep it moving. But how about you thank Mama FIRST and THEN find time for redundant assertions about entitlement and what not? That way, the cheesy orchestra music only cuts into your self-aggrandizement and not your “tribute” to your mother.

Watch the clip below for evidence of Mr. West's boundless arrogance and complete absence of tact. Then watch Vince Gill’s hilarious and well-timed clowning in response:

(This vid was put together by some joker on youtube but it's funny and shows all the original footage.)

(I have a feeling we'll be hearing something about Vince Gill or country music on the next Kanye album.)

I asked Miss Ash if she was secretly crushing on my boy Kanye, that is not the case.
Stay tuned the Beef Continues.

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