Obama in 2008

On the eve of Super Tuesday the Litmus Test for the citizens of the United States begins. Are we ready for a black or female president? A few months ago I considered voting for Hillary Clinton, after all the Clinton Adminstration was responsible for putting the U.S back on track. As First Lady, Hillary's contribution was not to be taken lightly.
Throughout the campaigns the Clinton's tactics became downright shameless.

Bill Clinton: As president he was a representative for the interest of the people not based on race and class but on some "let's makes things right shit". After his presidency he returned to the private sector with an office space in Harlem and continued to champion the cause
Human Interest.
(Clinton named head of U.N. tsunami rebuilding)

Now fast forward to 2008, my man has chosen to take it there. That's right.
His condescending remarks directed towards Obama and his acts of arrogance ("We got this Hilary, the African American vote is in the bag..."). It's insulting to the American public. This isn't a campaign based on race. The candidates have a responsibility to stick to the issues, If they're truly for the betterment of the American people it's time to step up because we're hurting.
BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Clinton, Obama, King and Johnson | PBS

Questioning Obama's experience and his message of hope is a slap in the face of the Human Rights movement as a whole. It's what people of color,women and whites fought for so that one day ANYONE who is capable of improving our society could do so with the combined support of the people. So Hillary I'm letting you (and Bill) know MY vote is not in the bag.


Big ups to Rontronik and Miss Ash


Anonymous said...

Blac...now that's what I'm talking about...it's time to wake up people!!!!!

Blac Ren said...

Word Son Word!

Anonymous said...

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