"I'm Not There"(She's Not There)

She's Not There

After seeing "I'm Not There" yesterday, my reaction to the film as a whole was a mixture of "huh?" and "eh" plus "good music". I cannot, however, say enough about the frighteningly realistic portrayal of the "troubadour of conscience" by Ms. Blanchett. Her depiction of him at his most ornery was so seamless that it inspired the title of this little PSA. Is it possible to be more Dylan-like than the man himself?

Now for the PSA part:Go see this film before she wins the Oscar and you wonder what all the hoopla is about. Also because it is some of the best acting you will likely ever see.
Words by: Miss Ash

While trading music with my boy Joseph he blessed me with the Soundtrack to
I'm Not There.
It's two discs worth of music in tribute to Dylan. Happy Holidays to you all of you, enjoy.
Blac Ren
Download the full soundtrack here.


Miss Ash said...

hey thanks for posting the soundtrack - "goin to acapulco" is really nice.

Miss Ash said...

and holy shit - i just listened to antony's verion of "knockin on heaven's door" whoah.

emdubz said...

i LOVED that movie

iBeat said...

God bless your heart!

Blac Ren said...

Enjoy ibeat and yes the Antony rendition is mind blowing.