WTF is going on at Def Jam?(Another artist bites the dust.)

Lady Sovereign breaks down during a performance.
When Def Jam CEO Jay-Z signed a stable of new artists it showed promise that finally Hip-Hop's Mecca would no longer thrive on the fumes of past glory. After the whole Nas and Roots fiasco I thought Jay-Z was making amends. Shit!, the most promising release to come out of Def Jam Last year was Ghostface's Fishscales(mp3) and he got no support. Anyways back to Lady Sovereign, her performance at Studio B in Brooklyn made her seem like an escapee from the Def Jam Asylum. Instead of spitting on the mic she went into a rant about depression and bankruptcy. Damn Jigga what the fuck's going on over there? You're like Sylar in Heroes signing MC after MC, stealing their MC Powers and then burying them in the Depths of Def Jam. Jay, Hova, S.Carter wassup?
I think CAM's about to release another diss(mp3) record any day now, you're on some Galactus shit.


shimoda said...

Ha ha! Well said Setty. Exactly my sentiment indeed. You got no skills, anyone can do what you're doing, just step down and everyone else get over it!

shimoda said...

Oops. The above comment was meant for Uffie. But yeah that Lady Sovereign stint sounds kind of whack too. Not very ladylike.

Anonymous said...

wow that clip was painful to watch and the fans were so horrible to her. oh mah gaw!!!