Pat Yo Weave and Dust Yo Sleeve

Touring like mad, relative newcomers "Thunderheist" have burst into the ears of those in the know. Hailing from Canada and Comprised of MC Isis and DJ Grahm"Zilla", their sound conjures images of a cocksure yet playful MC Lyte in a spaceship (fueled by Grahm's infectious eletronic beats) heading to other planets. Their name is a play on the idea of "stealing the thunder" but it's hard to know who is the Thunder and who is the Heist in this case. Infact, with music this fresh, they may "Thunderheist" anyone who comes near them.
Words By:Miss Ash


Anonymous said...

This is an incredible piece. Very well done, Miss Ash.
~ Tif

Anonymous said...

I have to comment twice. Wow. I celebrate you.