Sneaks of the Week

Refined footwear for the RENaissance Man.
Yea I know they been out for a minute but one of our resident kicks connoisseurs Noisette aka the Internet Indiana Jones had to put the brand through his rigorous testing (basically how many head turns he gets in the streets of NYC).
Now he blesses you with the hottest thing since tar on a Brooklyn street on a 100-degree summer day.

Every event is now covered:
Boating in the Hamptons,
The invite to "that" party (you know the one you were NEVER getting into).
Copping the fresh Obey t-shirt with the sick cargo shorts for spring (of course… while in Barcelona),
Driving down Santa Monica Blvd in the new Land Rover…
Or just plain stuntin' thru soho on a perfect Saturday. CLAE fills the need.

Blacren introduces you to.. CLAE enjoy.

Noisette's formula for success? EVERY pair in the "Russell" collection.
Words By:Noisette


Anonymous said...

boating in the hamptons.

are you serious?

Blac Ren said...

Oh you don't know Noisette?
He get's down like that ;).

Anonymous said...

Why can't Mothafucka's dream?

prolific said...

NO"Boating in the Hamptons"...but I'll cop the shoes.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone dream of doing anything in the hamptons?

Blac Ren said...

I'm getting the Blac and Browns and riding the
Iron Horse.