Sneaks of Week

For those of you who may be traveling this Summer Re-Up with these flavas.
Purchase here if you can afford the Price Tag.
Hanon Shop

Nike:Bobitto AF1's
New Balance: Fanzine
New Balance: X Hanon
Vans:Kiss Edition


georgia k said...

if youre talking about more than sneaks, maybe you need to change the category from sneaks to....gear? uhhh, stuff? randomness?

Jinhee said...

hey how do you set up the images so they rotate like that one at a time?

Blac Ren said...

lookahere, the clothing are optional to build upon the embodiment of true sneaker freshness.

Get on IM and we could settle this like grown folk. :);):P xoxoxo

Blac Ren said...

Jinhee: I Animate them in Photoshop.

georgia k said...

those black shorts are not hot....or maybe its just the models pasty bow-legs...ha.

Blac Ren said...

I'll have some skinny jeans in the next post ;).