Boogie Nights: I should call folks out

Peeps who shall remain nameless liken me to Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights when I get ready to go out for a night on the town. (HAH! That's Fucked Up Nukka's)

Karate from Blac Ren on Vimeo.
When it comes to being compared to a character of said film i'd like to think of myself as... Buck Swope, now that Cat was Blac Ren Steeze personified.

Freaky Deaky from Blac Ren on Vimeo.


georgia k said...

nobody wants to hear that country western shit! why do you like him? cos he gives up porn for his white girlfriend? cos he takes the money from the donut shop?

Blac Ren said...

Oh it's Like that Georgia.
It's cause, he's talking about technology and the Brotha and Does the Freaky Deaky.

Anonymous said...

don cheadle = sex

Blac Ren said...

Freaky Deaky