Tell Me You Love Me (Chicks of the Week)

I don't know if you Guys have been watching Tell Me You Love Me, the HBO Drama that's set around three couples and their relationships. Not only is it realistic in its depiction of the trial and tribulations of male female relations but the women are hizzot. (click pic to check em out)

Katie, 40's, works part time from home as a graphic designer. She's put her children and her marriage before her own needs, but after a year of not being close, not having sex, she goes to therapy to try and find a way back to herself and Dave, her husband.
Quite the Cougar/MILF, why the fuck is her hubby not breakin her off some?

Carolyn, 30's, a lawyer, successful, loves the man she's married to but has become consumed with getting pregnant. With each failed attempt, she becomes more obsessed, more vulnerable and more emotionally separated from her husband, Palek.
This Chick is hell Bent on getting "Knocked Up" to the point the her significant other Palek is having panic attacks day in and day out.

Jamie, 20's, a line cook, breaks off her engagement with Hugo, the man she loves, because of her jealousy and her emotional ups and downs. Dealing with that loss, she tries to heal herself and not act out like she used to in the past. It's a fight she sometimes wins and sometimes loses, but through it all she never loses sight of who she truly wants.
Often manipulative insecure and deceitful combined with a high sex drive rivaling another HBO fan fave, Samantha from Sex In the City.

Honorable Mention
May, 60's, a couples therapist, is a complicated, intense woman, who has been married 43 years to a man she loves, yet, as in all relationships, she continues to navigate the emotional ups and downs of intimacy.
This Golden Girl gets dowwnnnnnn!

Words: HBO Television and Blac Ren
Photos: HBO Television


georgia k said...

oh my goshhhhh, setty. i need to catch up on this show. will you have me over?

streetknowledgemedia said...

These women probably are good actors but I think there unhot!!