FALL STEEZE New Balance Thundergod

80 degree temperatures in Autumn is making it hard for you to get your Fall Steeze on in NYC.
In the meantime stockpile your flavas for when cooler temps arrive.
Fall Steeze
New Balance's"Thunder God" inspired sneaker includes some interesting characteristics such as Velcro fastening, patent leather highlights and a glow in the dark toebox (Ya Hear Me?, these Shits glow in the dark. The sneakers will go on sale Saturday, November 3rd at Mita. Price is set at ¥17,640 (approximately $155 USD).

J. Crew's Soho Patchwork traveler's duffel is not only a great looking overnight bag, each and every bag is a one of a kind piece with each patch being hand cut and hand placed. All of the patches are made from English wool and the interior of the bag features a cotton chino lining. [$395]

Adidas dressed up their popular track jacket with inspiration taken from classic patterns worn exclusively by the upper crust of the British gentleman of old. The England jacket is covered in a houndstooth pattern complete with the subtle detail of Adidas' signature striping down the sleeves. [$180]


georgia k said...

i think this stuff is fug. the glow in the dark is cool, but the look is so not there.

Anonymous said...

The Adidas jacket is hot, esp. that shoulder pocket.

Blac Ren said...

Word! Check back for more flavas

Blac Ren said...

Hmmm Bitter Much G.