Biggest Beefs In Hip Hop Vol.1

As BEEF IV DROPS, Me Ibeat and the Goose got to talking about some of the biggest beefs in hip-hop and the songs that started them.
If you any of you guys remember them add it to the list, in the mean time here's some to start you off with.

Old School
The Roxanne Wars
Krs One vs. Marly Marl
The Bridge

The Bridge is Over

LL Cool J vs. Kool Moe Dee

Present Day
Tupac vs. The Notorious B.I.G.and Mobb Deep
Hit em Up!

Death Row vs. The East Coast(Dem Catz was Crazy)
California Love

Dr. Dre and Eminem vs.Jermaine Dupri

Nas vs. Jay-Z


G-Unit Vs. Ja Rule
Black Gloves

The Game Vs. G-Unit
120 Bars

Cam'ron Vs. Jay-Z

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