Snoop Dogg's Sensual Seduction

Two days ago I get this link from my girl Katey, you know Rontronik and Miss. Ash weren't far behind with the same info.
The net is teeming with reaction to the D O Double G takin it back to the funk era. Well known NYC DJs who shall remain nameless are hatin on it saying Snoop sold out and Sensual Seduction is garbage. This doesn't surprise me, a number of these DJs who adopt the music but give no respect to the culture from which it came from . The funk era has inspired the movement and the very fabric of what BLACk RENaissance is all about....
Ok enough rambling enjoy the Mothafuckin video.

Blac Ren

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

people who are mad at snoop or think he's sold out are obtuse and humorless. they should be shot.

also,without the gangster rap image, i want to do him even more now. he's sooooo ugly sexy.


Random said...

Whoever this is much respect for keeping it Gangsta "YUM"!

iBeat said...

Yeah, Ron showed me this and I thought it was mad smuv!

Bold step for the Dee!

I hope his whole album is like this, including the design concept.

As for him being YUM...he is as YUMMY as used gum.

Blac Ren said...

Yo that would be a bold step for the D O double G.
It'd like to see him take a step in that Direction.
As for the Brotha Being Yum.....

Anonymous said...

quit hating on the yum! you'd have to be female to understand. check your drawzz.

Prolific said...

yo only in the Ren blog will you here the word "OBTUSE"used...this shit is dope stop hating people!!

Anonymous said...

*I* was the one who used the word "obtuse". It's so snooty. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ima Check ma Drawzz
and give em some SENSUAL ERUPTIONS.

FussyB said...

I agree. Part of what makes snoop so goooood is the quality of his voice, its smooth and his inflections are subtle.. it comes right out of this aesthetic... its also what makes him sexy and frightening...in that off color way we so enjoy.

Miss Ash said...

"sexy and frightening" - a perfect description imho.

Anonymous said...

This is a black thang that Snoop is
referencing here. He definitely
was sneakin' down the stairs when he was a kid, peepin'in on the house parties, and vibin' the way the playas played it back in the day. Rick James, Prince O Bryan, DEbarge...all those processed hair-pillowcase destroyin' muthafukka's were destroyin' sh*t back then!
It's about time somebody brought it back proper.

georgia k said...

ok, i have to say it. this is so hottttt.

Anonymous said...

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