Skim Returns with her third Recipe:


First off, Happy Ho Hate! Hope you all are fully recovered from the quickness with which 2007 bedded us. I’m still picking up my clothes off the floor and trying to get out the door…

So, I had a client inquire about an event for 150 photojournalists. Skimkim would take care of the bar and food. It was a panel discussion on the state of journalism in the Middle East. Heavy shit. I didn’t have a chef available so I made the menu. I did the cooking. Couldn’t lose the referral! Heres what I came up with:

Roasted Carrots & Parsnips w/ Spicy Crushed Curried Almonds & Fresh Cilantro (vegan), Red Kuri, Kabocha Squash & Sage w/ Cinnamon Mascarpone on Country Bread Crostini (vegan) w/ Pancetta (non-vegan), Sautéed Wild Mushrooms w/ Cranberry Garlic Jam on Toasted Baguette (non-vegan)

The pics are of kitchen time the night before. Kat and Jim were helping with the company and cooking. Jim loves wine.

My staff at the event included talented baby wear designer, Khalym, of Sir Hayes, Maggie Horn, music aficionado, and Vanessa, partner in all dubious behavior and fellow food lover. Khalym and Maggie tended bar while Vanessa and I plated (or tried to plate) food. After the discussion, these ravenous journalists attacked us. I’ve never felt so violated (but still honored)! They were grabbing pieces of naked crostini from behind us, pawing at renegade mushrooms, and spilling free wine all over my linens…I promise we did not lift our heads for the initial 30 minute melee. The food was a hit, the staff was a hit, the client loved us…my back still hurts from bending over the table of food but, shit, that comes with hard work.

After clean-up, we skipped over to a restaurant in the neighborhood where we were put in the middle of the floor at a huge table for the 4 of us. Trouble. We got some munchies and a few drinks and hilarity ensued. We were scream laughing and shouting crass comments and making lewd gestures, you know, typical behavior for 4 women who just got off work. We were looking up house djs’ Myspace pages and getting “how to’s” on sexy belly-rubbing (I still don’t know…) Then a chef I knew came over for a drink and we simmered down. But as soon as we left and walked to the Zipcar, we just started up again. “I want that koochy and I’ll make it squirt.” I love my life.

So, here is the booty. Skim’s Magic Mushrooms. Sautéed Wild Mushrooms w/ Cranberry Garlic Jam on Toasted Baguette.
Magic Mushrooms Download Here

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I am stil dreaming of those mushrooms...mmmm